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Sep 2011
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Thinking about trying a Peanut Butter Chocolate Stout. Think, Reeses peanut butter cup. Was just going to brew a chocolate stout and maybe through some peanut butter in the primary or secondary. Any thoughts or suggestions?
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Sep 2011
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I remember reading about using PB powder. I searched for it and found the thread...

Hope that helps.
-Retired Homebrewer

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Jan 2011
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Reese's porter is now fermenting. Will add Capella double chocolate and Capella peanut butter in a week or so.

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Jan 2012
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I want to make beer!

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Feb 2010
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I did an attempt at a peanut butter cup beer using robust porter as the base style about a year ago. I probably posted in a thread here about it. It turned out good, but not great. doubt I would attempt a repeat.

I ended up using 1 jar (6 oz?) of PB2 powdered peanut butter and 5 oz of Hershey's cocoa powder + 6 ounces of lactose. rehydrated everything in ~ 1 qt of boiling water. Added another 4 oz lactose at bottling. Was VERY thick mouth feel. did not age particularly well...think I still have almost a case of it!

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Jul 2012
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I like Proters and Really Really like peanutbutter

A number of years ago I visiter the Boston Brewworks.

They had a peanut butter porter which I tried and was not as good as I thought it might be..


They had a write up about the history of the beer and the trouble they had formulating a recipe because of all the "FAT" in the peanutbutter.

You might see if there is any mention of it on the web...

BUT I would go buy some Almond Extract and try that instead... I did this with "some" success.


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Oct 2009
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I made a Chocolate Stout and added peanut butter candy flavoring into secondary. Came out pretty good everyone that tried it said they enjoyed it. It was a subtle peanut butter flavor but it was there. The warmer the beer got in the glass the more the flavor came out.

I got the flavoring from here:

I only used 1 dram in 5 gallons and if I made it again I would probably at 2 to make the flavor stronger.

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Mar 2012
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I just did one with chocolate PB2 (the powdered de-fatted stuff). Worked like a charm.
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Jun 2012
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Don't fear the fat. Rack on a crap ton of roasted nuts and cocoa nibs.

Flavor > head retention

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Jan 2011
Ionia, MI
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a place down the street from my office has a peanut butter stout.....not a fan....

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