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To give you an idea of the hand pick labor that goes into a pound of hops, it took two of us about 4 hours to pick 25 pounds of wet hops from 12 bines, another few hours to dry and package them, to net 6 pounds of dry. Thats nearly 2 hours labor per pound dry. So what is your time worth? At $10/hr, I figure you break even if you didn't pay anything. You have to do it for fun. Not knowing exactly what kind....I wouldn't pay a penny. Knowing what kind and specifically wanting that kind, I wouldn't pay much more.....

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Originally Posted by ArrowheadHops View Post
Around $2 lb if you are picking them yourself
Agreed...but let's do the math. And here I'm assuming this is someone growing commercially that intends to commercially harvest someday to sell on the open market. If it is someone with a plant in their backyard, they should just be happy someone is picking.

In our courses this is the breakdown we give for 1 acre of hops, ignoring establishment costs:

Productions (nutrient, water, etc.): 2k
Processing (testing, pelletizing, packaging, etc.): 7.5k
Harvest costs (variable depending on labor vs. mechanical): 2k to 6k

Total: $11,500 to $15,500/year

Assume 1500 pounds production at $15/lb = $22,500

Net ~ $9,000 but that doesn't include an initial investment of $10k to establish the yard, $1k to $4k for an oast...and anywhere from $13k to $100k for harvesting equipment.

Since you are supplying the harvest, drying and there is no processing (I'm assuming that if she can't tell you the variety, she also can't tell you alpha acid level.) or packaging, the total cost of production would be around $2k.

If she still wanted to make the same profit off that acre, that would mean she needs $2,000 + $9,000 = $11,000. Again, assuming that she gets 1500 pounds/acre, that is a selling price of $7.33/pound. But that is dried.

Since we know that dried hops weigh approximately 21.7% of wet hops, the price per pound wet would be $7.33/pound x .217 = $1.59/pound. Per ounce, that would be 10 cents/ounce.

OK, $2/pound is being a bit generous. $3/ounce is highway ****ing robbery.

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Yes true

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Also there are hops that are for ornamental usage that have no value at all for home brewing if I am not mistaken.

Again, Free! or I would pass them up, not knowing the variety.

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I like Dan's breakdown, it helps a lot. Arrowhead - Dan calculated for a dried product when he multiplied 7.33 x .217.

One thing that hasn't been brought up yet is that you are getting a product that is fresh and hasn't been dried, meaning you can dry it to your specs if you want to. Lupulin doesn't do well with high temperatures and some companies dry and pelletize their hops at very high temperatures. So you could be getting a better product than the better priced pelletized hops you would buy from a no name online. On the other hand, I heard that first year hops can be lacking in flavor and acidity.

I think she will be happy to get anything so propose a cheap amount and if you can't get it for cheap, walk away.

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thank you everyone for your input. I will go and look it's a hobby and I don't mind spending time and money on it, but I don't want to be a sucker either. If she doesn't go down in price I will walk away. Thank you everyone for the insight.

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Maybee if she was really good looking. Or if she supplied free beer of a good caliber. Other wise no.

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Originally Posted by HopSpunge View Post
Maybee if she was really good looking.

Ok, the price just skyrocketed For $3 i might spend all day picking an ounce...

Seriously, hops are a weed of sorts...the price you pay is mostly for harvest, drying, packaging and delivery. On the vine, they are practically worthless IMO. As a hobbyist, whatever motivates ya is what they are worth.

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Originally Posted by Bierliebhaber View Post

Although, part of the attraction is to brew a wet hop beer, but even at that I can get Amarillo, Cascade, Centennial, Citra, and Simcoe wet and fresh from my LHBS for $0.95/oz.
Which LHBS??

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Originally Posted by vmaxinid View Post
Which LHBS??
Brew Brothers

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