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Nov 2011
Honolulu, Hawaii
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I drank bud light until I started working at a bar. My step dad gave me many different craft beers I thought tasted awful. I think it was at age 22 is when my bartender buddy had accidentally poured the wrong beer for a customer. I was off work so he asked me if I wanted it. It was a Dogfish head 60 minute. My life had changed. I started with the DFH and rolled down the line of our 17 taps. When I became a bartender myself I knew it was good to know what I was selling. So the drinking began. I went from bud light to DFH to Guinness to Leffe to chimay.......well you get the point. Then I found this great homebrew store near by. I asked my step dad if he wanted to brew my kit with me. It turns out that my step dad had been brewing for the past 15 years! I never really knew. With his knowledge and my ideas we made a great amber ale.(I added a vanilla bean to make it my own)

Now I have a passion for beer. All thanks to one bartenders mistake!
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Sep 2011
Austin, Texas
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I'd say DFH 60/90 were my first "OMG, WTF am I drinking this is incredible I must tell the world" beers. But I think the Belgian beers like Duvel and Chimay is what pushed me into homebrewing. Those Belgians aren't cheap....
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Jul 2012
Grand Rapids, Michigan
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Hofbrau Hefeweizen.

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Aug 2012
Sarasota, Florida
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Sophomore year of college, instead of getting an 18 pack of Icehouse every other night, my roommate and I stepped it up and started buying a six pack of craft beer and a 12 pack of Icehouse.

This way we could enjoy some good beer, then move onto the gnarly stuff.

We tried mostly everything at our liquor store but I would say that early on, Bell's Two Hearted was the stuff that made me really appreciate what good beer can taste like.

Eventually we transitioned entirely over to craft beer and a couple years later I started home-brewing.
"When the doors of perception are cleansed, man will see things as they truly are, infinite."
-William Blake

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Feb 2010
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Am I the only one here that had Wells Banana Bread Beer change their perception on beer?

Not that I think it's good or that I drink it now, it just opened my eyes to a world of flavor I never thought beer would be capable of. Heh.
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Jan 2012
Provo, UT
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Sierra Nevada Pale Ale that I picked up from the Horno PX in Camp Pendleton while I was in. I had spent a couple of weeks buying a sixer here and there of what I thought were good beers trying them out, when I noticed the beautiful green box staring at me through the frosted glass. I went back to the barracks and drank it up, and was amazed that beer could taste so good! I've been hooked to craft brew since then.

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Jan 2012
Chicagoish, Illinois
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Three Philosophers and Arrogant Bastard in college did it for me. Then Stone's IPA...
Originally Posted by SittingDuck
Even ales take too long. I need something I can ferment during the boil and drink from the kettle!
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Jan 2012
washington, DC
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Believe it or not mine wasn't a microbrew, it was yuengling traditional lager. I couldn't figure out how it was supposedly the same style of beer as budweiser. Probably the first lager I'd ever had that didn't taste like ricey yellow seltzer water (which I thought was how beer was supposed to taste at the time).

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Oct 2011
Gate City, VA
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For me, Hevelius Kaper and Warka Strong during a semester abroad in Poland. But back in the states, it was back to BMC. Then a couple years ago I started drinking beer from O'dell and that is what made me swear off BMC for good. Well, mostly. I still tip one back on rare occasions.

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Aug 2012
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I had tripel karmeliet in my freshman year of college after a long time of 40oz

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