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Default A buddy's homebrew caused my spiral into this addiction

Living in Vermont, with (I am told) the most microbreweries per capita, the switch came slowly but firmly.

Labatts was my choice for most of my life after going to college near the Canadian border and experiencing Canadian lagers (BRADOR).

Then along came Otter Creek and Magic Hat and I began to realize that beer had so much more to offer than commercially produced swills that were homogenized for the masses.

The true thing that altered my path was just a couple of years ago when I met a friend that brewed his own stuff, and we drank some of the most deliciously hoppy, sweetly malty stuff that I have ever tasted.

Now I am addicted and prefer to only drink homebrewed stuff. The occasional sixer of craft brew when supplies get low, but alas, the addiction makes me upgrade and brew more often so that the supply does not get low.

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Default One Beer sticks out

I tried a lot of different craft beers, but the one that has always stuck out as special in my mind is Flying Dog's In Heat Wheat Hefeweizen.

I remember getting their variety pack when I was in college, and when Flying Dog was still available in Iowa :/ The Wheat was my initial favorite that I repurachased. They also had their Barley wine in the variety pack, which is actually pretty cool looking back on it. At the time I thought it was awful, but I think Barley Wines should be in a few variety packs today.

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I think I got started with Point Pale Ale and Sprecher Amber (regional Wisconsin beers) but Bell's Oberon and Third Coast Beer really turned me into a beer guy.
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Well Rainier beer started me down the beer road.
Probably early on I started to like killian's red, St. Pauli, and heineken beer were shortly after that.
Then I got my first taste of dark beers in my early 20's and started to explore all of those that I could.

Remember, in a small town in the early 80's there was no such thing as micro brews and the big boys of craft beer hadn't been heard of yet, at least where I was.
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Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. I still love the stuff now.

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Julius Echter Hefe-Weissbier. My cousin's husband poured me one when I was 19...and two years later I would be sworn off the BMC forever.
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I was mostly a beer drinker in college, but I wouldn't say I was 'into' beer until high gravity beers were allowed in Alabama. On a whim I grabbed a sixer of Great Divide Titan for a lake trip. At first I wasn't sure about the bitterness of the beer, but by the end of the first bottle I was loving it. I've been hooked on good beer ever since. I can't go into a good craft beer store without buying beer that I don't need considering the homebrew and craft brews I already have at home.

Edit: I don't actually have homebrew at home. Being in Alabama, I just like to think about having homebrew at home. Maybe in 2013...
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I grew up in South Africa, a very beer-drinking culture. Didn't like beer for the longest time and drank spirits mostly (jack, dark rum etc) Then I discovered Guinness and now I hardly ever drink spirits. It opened my eyes so much that I started liking almost all beer. Definitely an acquired taste in my mind, but Guinness opened the door
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Default Stovepipe Porter

The first craft beers we dabbled with in high school were probably the Magic Hat, Long Trail and Otter Creek beers. Otter Creek's Stovepipe porter sticks out in my mind as one of my favorites from that time.
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Getting into brewing for me was a lack of beer.

When I was in iraq I would sit in my bunk and daydream about fingering something to drink just because I couldn't. We did get the occasional case of o'douls but wouldn't cut it.

Me and another guy attempted to ferment some grape juice with wild yeasts. Didn't work. We then tried freezing the alcohol off the o'douls. Took way more than we had. So I made a vow to start homebrewing when I got home. so I did

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