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Jun 2012
Sanderson, FL
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Growing up in N. Idaho in the 70's & 80's the most popular beer was BMC and some Canadians. I liked Labatts and occasionally a Molson - way better than the BMC crowd. Turning point for me was one night on a whim grabbed a 12 pack of Lowenbrau Dark - same price as Labatts. I was hooked!!

Good flavor, cool foil bottle (girls loved it) and at 18 me and my friends thought we were beer snobs. Friday and Saturday nights you would find me and my best friend Mark hitting up BMC keggers with our ever present Snickers bar and 12 pack of Lowenbrau Dark.

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Oct 2010
Terryville, CT
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A friends homebrew is what turned me onto beer, all I knew before that about beer was BMC and I hated it; so share your homebrew, you might save a few people.

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Dec 2010
Dallas, Texas
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Going to college in Austin, Shiner Bock was my first non American Light Lager to get into. From there, I got into Fat Tire and then New Belgium's Ranger IPA. I've been a hop head ever since.
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Aug 2011
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I actually didn't start out on BMC, but actually Newcastle. I think that was a pretty good start, actually. Then it was Heineken and a brief foray into light american lagers and then directly on to literally everything Sierra Nevada ever made, and the rest is history.
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Jan 2012
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Meister Brau, $11 for a 30 pack, as a teenager it was a no brainer

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Sep 2012
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Black Widow oatmeal stout

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Jul 2010
Albany, NY
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budweiser. Splitting and stacking firewood aged 6-11 in the early 80's. As far as hoppier beers go, Pete's Wicked and Sam Adams in the early 90's. Again in later 2000's finding bigger beers like Un*Earthly, DFH Indian Brown.

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Sep 2011
Providence, RI
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Feb 2012
Riverside, CA
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Growing up, my dad used to always drink Hamm's and Coors. Did wonders to turn me off of beer for a good long time.

Deschutes Cinder Cone Red (the old formulation, not the one they used the last time it was brewed). Supporting cast came from New Belgium Fat Tire and Widmer Bros. Drop Top Amber.

It's been a long, fun journey ever since!
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Nov 2011
Milwaukee, WI
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Spotted cow was the first beer that I tried that made me think, wow beer can be tasty.

now I only think its ok


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