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To each their own. I wouldn't classify it as a "work of art", but it was an entertaining film. The trick is to not think about whether it makes good sense or fits reality.

It's fiction, after all.

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The original movie was great...Arnold Schwarzenegger, Richard Dawson, Jim Brown...The running man circa 1987.
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I liked the book, but not enough to read the rest of the series.

I like the movie, and I would see the sequels. I went with my family of 5, so that might have put some shine on it. Still, I thought it was captivating, and compared well with the book.
- Andrew

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Having read the book the movie would be more appealing. You have in the back of your head the reason all the characters act the way they do, something you take for granted when watching on screen. They also dumbed down the violence to get younger people allowed into the theatre. Don't get me wrong, I am not condoning having to read the book for a movie to be good just explaining why it is better for those that have read it.

I thought it was OK, nothing special. I would watch it until a commercial break if I came across it on TV.

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The action at the center of the film -- the fact that all the parents across all of "Pan Am" are offering up their precious target-audience-aged tweens to die -- is not justified in the film. It's not like in the essay "The Lottery" where there is a heavy sense as to why terrible/violent customs are party of their society. In this movie we're offered a one minute exchange between two TV personalities and a worthless propaganda reel. It doesn't make sense that anyone goes along with anything in the first place.

Then the red-dressed "queen" of District 12 states "our first volunteer tribute!" I rolled my eyes. Really? 74 years of hunger games and no older sibling in Dist. 12 has EVER stepped in to spare their 12 year old brother/sister a violent death? Really?

I argue that films have to make good sense -- especially fiction -- if it's going to hold my attention. Otherwise you end up with a meaningless series of action sequences, which is not good cinema in my opinion.

...and the whole changing of the games rules (three times!) was some of the worst writing I've ever seen. If feels like a teenager wrote it. "OK, now that they beat the final bully-kid, let's change the rules and tell them they DO have to kill each other! What a TWISTED ending har har har!" Nere mind letting surviving partners pair up gives an unfair disadvantage to the districts who had already lost one player. There would be outrage on a mass scale!

I'm sure the teens loved it. I'll pass for something made for adults, by adults.
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I still can't wrap my head around the entire concept of this movie. Correct me if I'm wrong here but it sounds like to me every so often they steal kids from their parents and force them to fight to the death so that people won't revolt?!? If parents love anything it is their children, how would this not increase the likelihood of a revolt? Why not just kill the adults?
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Revvy beat me to it.

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for hunger games.. books 2 and 3 were much better than the first IMO.. first one really just sets the scene for the rest.. the movie was OK, though i am looking forward to seeing how to show the other 2..

and there is nothing wrong with adults reading adolescent fiction.. i use it as a break between more "adult" themed books, though one can easily argue that the hunger games is more adult themed than most adolescent fiction..
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Funny we're talking about this today. The Quiet Earth Blog just posted this;

Here's THE HUNGER GAMES I Wanted to See

Like a lot of directors vying for the job of bringing The Hunger Games to the screen, Kevin Tancharoen (Mortal Kombat: Legacy) put together a pitch reel to showcase the tone and look of the movie that he wanted to make. Ultimately Lionsgate went with Gary Ross, but this is The Hunger Games I wanted to see - a film that fully committed to its violent dystopian world.

While concept art and treatments used to fit the bill, edited reels like this one below are commonly put together for pitch meetings.
We could have had this?!?!
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Books 1&2 were good, book 3 was bad and ended like.....well, nevermind in case you're reading this.
The movie was so-so and proof that people will do anything if you advertise enough for it. I know more people who thought the movie was a let down than those that said it exceeded their expectations.
Had I not read the book, I'd a never seen the movie.
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