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Aug 2012
Lebanon, NH
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Midwest Supplies recently had a pin lock keg promotion, and included this in the marketing email:

"Ball Lock Kegs are soon to be a thing of the past! Most shops are already completely out."

Is there any truth to this? I assumed that both types of kegs would become harder to come by, since soda distributors have switched to plastic bags, but it didn't occur to me that one type would be harder to get than another.

(As a sidenote, II've always been told that ball locks are more common, but based on my casual monitoring of kegs on craiglist it seems to me like they're roughly evenly split. That's a totally unscientific study, of course, but what's the basis for the "ball locks are more common" wisdom?)

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Jan 2012
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in my limited experience, ball lock seems far more common, but I'm certainly intrigued by the question.
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Nov 2011
san diego, california
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I just purchased 2 of the pin lock kegs they were advertising for $31 each. I do not have a kegging set up yet but I will begin kegging soon and if I need to change out to ball locks in the future no prob, not difficult. Compared to the cost of ball locks it just seemed economical.
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Old 09-06-2012, 03:40 AM   #4
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Jul 2012
Norristown, PA
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The LHBS I work at won't be out anytime soon. We have almost 800 ball lock kegs at the store and a pretty solid supply line behind those still. Personally I use both ball and pin lock kegs because two of each is the only way I can get 4 kegs in my kegorator...

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Feb 2012
Severna Park, MD
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The word from my LBHS (they sell both) is: Replacement parts for pin locks, like dip tubes arent readily available because the ball locks caught on quicker and have more of a following. My experience would echo that, but the market will respond if pin locks are around longer.

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Mar 2009
Juneau Alaska
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Considering they are still making brand new ball lock kegs I doubt it.
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Jun 2012
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I do a lot of buying/selling/trading on Craigslist, and the going rate is about $40 for ball locks, but more like $25 to $30 for pin locks. I find ball locks more often and they seem to be more in demand. At my LHBS, ball locks are $50 and pin locks are $35.

That pretty much sums up the Portland, Oregon/ SW Washington Cornelius market.

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Apr 2011
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Originally Posted by ggoodman
Considering they are still making brand new ball lock kegs I doubt it.

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Mar 2012
spokane, wa
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Original pepsi ball locks are getting rare, as almost all pepsi is bag in box and has been for decades.
Coke resisted bag in box syrup for a long time so pin locks are still in production/distribution for their original purpose.

Inside the home brewing industry new ball locks are in production, just not in the numbers they used to be. There is also production of universal poppets, conversion posts, conversion lids, new dip tubes(both pin and ball) and everything.

Ball locks for our purpose aren't going anywhere, reconditioned cheap original ball locks might be.

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Aug 2010
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Seven years ago when this first came up I would have laughed at your question. Four years ago I would have gently explained the nonsense of why it wasn't anything more than hype. Two years ago I started taking it serious. Today... yeah , I think we are seeing a shortage of " reconditioned cheap" ball locks. If I was grabbing kegs now I would be going Pin lock and get more than I needed.

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