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Nov 2011
Honolulu, Hawaii
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WHen I first started brewing I made a beer everyone loved! It was my first recipe I made. I kinda looked online, took someone else's recipe I thought looked good and tweaked it to make it my own.
I had no idea what I was doing. I was brewing with my step dad, which.....apparently had no idea what he was doing either. (I found this out now) .....well....,maybe he knew what he was talking about but was trying to be nice and told me it was a 4% beer.
I looked back at the original recipe and notes from my brewing day and weeks after.
OG 1.023
FG 1.001

When I went to the store with my recipe I came back with all grains....no extract? I thought it was a little weird but went with it anyways. I crammed about 9lbs of grains in my 5 gallon pot. I didn't have a big enough grain bag so I used my moms stockings. I actually had to put 4.5 lbs of grains in one at a time. I can't recall the timing of which I did this. As you can see from my gravity readings , my efficiency was NOT GOOD.

All in all I had no idea what I was doing but I had quite a laugh when I looked back at my recipe and procedures. I'm gonna make this beer again but do it right this time. Hopefully everyone still enjoys it!

Anyone else have a story like this?

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Oct 2010
Makakilo, Hawaii
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Thanks for sharing. Awesome story. I don't have anything that interesting but one of the first AG beers I made was suppose to be a SNPA clone. It ended up tasting nothing like a pale ale, let alone a SNPA but it was delicious in a different sort of way. Very malty, ABV was around 3.5% not hoppy at all. Can't remember where I found the recipe and have searched a few times.

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Jan 2012
san mateo, ca
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My first beer I forgot to add the flavor hops. Haha.

When you drank it, it went like this:"Mmmmhmmm, malty, bitter.....nothing...aroma".
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Aug 2011
Philadelphia, PA
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When I first started brewing (well the first year anyway), I made an 11% RIS, put it in the closet to age a bit prior to bottling. I found it 2 weeks ago (4 years later). Amazingly it's not infected, it is however really oxidized, I'm trying to decide if I should bottle it anyway.

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Aug 2012
Northport, MI
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Four years later? Woah...

I'd say bottle it anyways. Whether it's good or bad, it'd be nice to find out. If you toss it, you'll never know.

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Aug 2012
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Worth bottling after four years

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