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Oct 2011
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Does Don live near the BTV location? It might be a logistics issue. Idk though.

I would support it though.

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Jun 2012
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Chip, you the man. Keep the train goin!

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Oct 2012
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Chip is great with the camera equipment, but most of all, the 3 of them (Mike, Jake, & Chip) just worked well together.
The episode "Jake's got a brand new bag" was my favorite, although I am not into BIAB, I thought it was a great episode, and got me to try new things.
Another good one was when they visited Nathan Smith and also the dogfish head brewery episode.

They will be missed, but I suppose they can be replaced.
It looks like Jake has deleted both his personal and NB twitter accounts, so if anyone finds out his new handle, please share it.
I moved into a new house in May and feel like I haven't brewed in about 15 years.

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May 2007
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Yep, BrewingTV is one of the things that helps keep my interest in brewing up. I like the way Chip, Jake, and Michael gave out great info, but were able to do it without taking themselves too seriously. They made it fun. I agree that Chip can definitely carry the torch, but I will miss J & M. I have to think they will be popping up, somewhere. Long live the Cobra!

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Nov 2010
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bump that. I'd rather see a BTV episode of Chip slappin the bass!

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Old 10-11-2012, 01:34 PM   #96
Apr 2012
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In case anyone is interested, here are their new blogs.

Michael Dawson's Blog

Jake Keeler's Blog

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Jul 2011
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Originally Posted by sgraham602 View Post
bump that. I'd rather see a BTV episode of Chip slappin the bass!

Just found my new ringtone.
Originally Posted by mattlsull View Post
There are actually techniques that some use that are an open fermentation where they basically ferment in a bucket covered in aluminu, alumini, aluemin... tin foil.

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Oct 2008
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Originally Posted by texabamasota View Post
I am the real Chip. is back up. Just a hiccup. Thanks for the support for real. I didn't mean to come off like a whiny pants there. I know things are different w/o Jake and Mike, but teams change quarterbacks all the time and rise to the occasion. It's ALL for Brew, not Two for Brew. I think there are plenty of great stories and brew sessions ahead. Just a different way of thinking about presenting them. I or Northern Brewer can't control Mike and Jake's decisions. I can only look ahead. Hoping to tap the huge pool of talented brewers at Northern Brewer and pick their brains about brewing for the most part. That being said - I do love camera work and editing most, but will never shy away from an opportunity to get my ugly mug on the interwebz when possible.
Chip; I remember you helping me out in the St. Paul store a while back it yourself and young lady in there working hard helping out a guy moving up in the world of brewing going from mr. beer and small batch brewing to his first larger set up. Took the time to talk to me about the different kits/recipes, that were avaliable and made a great yeast recomendation.

That all lead to a great birthday gift from the Mrs in the form a new brew kettle fermenting bucket and some other works as well as the Sierra Madre recipe kit......if you have any pull in the store would love to start seeing more of the partial mash kits.....just saying.....Graf anyone....
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Jan 2008
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Chip, Dawson and Keeler were the ones who literally got me brewing. I came across an episode and got hooked. As such NB became my LHBS so to speak. Bought ALL my stuff there and have made trips to their Milwaukee store for purchases as well. That's a 4 hour round trip to buy a kit and talk to good folks.

I don't know why the 2 left but I support whatever decision they made. They are 3 guys I knew I could be friends with and not just about beer - kindred spirits so to speak. Anyway - combine the departure with the changes at NB and it's disappointing.

I'll continue to watch BTV due to Chip and Don who I just KNOW will be on some more but if NB pulls the plug on BTV, I don't see much of a reason to support them. Good people but it seems that lately they've lost their vision and direction. Dunno - maybe I'm just ranting.

Chip - you're a great host and I love your work, keep it up brother.

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Aug 2012
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Seems like growing pains, which unfortunately is pretty typical. Mom and pop shops have soul. They are who they are because of the people. They usually excel in the CS dept, but more than that they know how to generate a buzz based around who they are and what they represent.
Growing the business often means going into debt and surrendering some amount of control over to someone, or a group of someones who's only interest is to maxize profit. Much of the old soul ends up going out the window, despite their intentions to capitalize on and continue a successful brand image.

I'm just reading between the lines obviously, but this is what their recent actions suggest. I'm not saying it's a necessary evil, but it certainly seems to be the norm.
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