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Recipe Type: All Grain    Yeast: DCL US-05    Batch Size (Gallons): 5    Original Gravity: 1.050    Final Gravity: 1.010    IBU: 25    Boiling Time (Minutes): 90    Color: 22.8 SRM    Primary Fermentation (# of Days & Temp): 14    Tasting Notes: Malty and a little roasty with just enough bitterness to balance.   
After drinking more of this I decided this really fits more as a Quick Schwarzbier than a Dunkel. A bit to roasty for a Dunkel.
Grain Bill:
9 # German Munich
1 # German Pils
.5 # German Carafa III
.25 # Melanoidin

1.75 oz Hallertauer Mittlefruh 4.7% AA @60 Min

Water Treatment:
Start with 10 gals distilled water and add:
-- Chalk - 7.5g (~4 tsp)
-- Baking Soda - 1g (~1/4 tsp)
-- Epsom Salt - 1g (~1/4 tsp)

Single Step Infusion at 149 F

Fly Sparge to 7 gallons.

Boil for 90 minutes down to 6 gallons. Expect to lose 3 .5 gal to wort shrinkage

Cool to 65 degrees and pitch.

First off, I know it's technically not a lager since I use ale yeast. That's why I call this a quick dunkel. I just didn't know where else to put this recipe. So, my buddy is an avid player of the Sci-Fi MMORPG EVE Online. He's also an avid Reddit reader. There is a corporation (group of players in game) run by a bunch of reddit folks called Dreddit. As part of the application process for joining the group he has to do an 'Arts and Crafts' submission related to the corporation. He asked me if I'd help him brew a beer for it. I said sure, and worked out a recipe for him. I give you 'Dreddit Dark'. I wanted to do a Munich Dunkel without taking the time to lager. So I pitched US-05 because it's so clean and fermented a little cool. After 14 days in fermentation I crashed it for 4 and racked to the keg. This beer turned out amazing. It is extremely clean with a fantastic malt flavor.

Some notes on the batch I made though. I didn't have quite enough Hallertauer so I had a little Amarillo at 60 also just to get the IBU's where I wanted it. Also, our mash efficiency was ridiculous. The calculations above are based on an assume 75% efficiency. We did a 10 gallon batch that came out 95% efficient . I had a OG of 1.064 instead of the 1.050 I was shooting for. It also stopped fermenting a little higher than expected at 1.016 which I'm blaming on the colder temp. So instead of a 5.3% beer I wound up with a 6.3%. It still turned out awesome, and I'll definitely be doing this one again! If you like a dunkel this is a good way to turn something very close around quickly.

Edit: The more I drink this beer the more I think I've got it miscategorized. This beer doesn't have much in the way of sweetness and definitely has some subtle coffe-like roastiness which is inappropriate to a Dunkel. This really is a lot more like a Schwarzbier.

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Reason: Update on tasting notes.

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