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Aug 2012
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Buddy of mine says to use Clorox to sanitize Equipment instead of Onestep. Will this work ok? Seems cheaper and easier. Will this affect beer taste or fermentation if rinsed out well?

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Aug 2012
Jackson, NJ
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You could do that but you have to be 100% sure you rinse of all of the bleach solution or it will affect the taste and possibly kill the yeast. Plus when you rinse the bleach off you risk introducing contaminants. Spend the 8 dollars and save yourself the trouble

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You won't find a good many of us using any chlorine based sanitizer for our gear. A large percentage of us use StarSan, or other 'no-rinse' sanitizers. Bleach/chlorine must be rinsed off completely before you use items sanitized with it. Otherwise you'll get a nasty off-flavor from the chlorine.

I've only seen one home brewer use bleach/chlorine to sanitize.

BTW, a container of StarSan might appear to be expensive. BUT, consider this. You use only one ounce of StarSan concentrate (what you buy) to make 5 gallons of sanitizer solution.
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i use iodophor, and it works great. as far as bleach, it works very well, but should only be used in a pinch, like when you realize you're out of iodophor, and are in the middle of brewing or kegging, and can't stop

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May 2011
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I used bleach for 20 years and never had any problems. I always rinsed everything out completely. However, I have since switched over to using StarSan and would recommend you use that, instead.

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Jun 2011
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I used bleach for years. I later discovered StarSan and my beers' taste improved dramatically. Then I started brewing all grain - another dramatic improvement. Then I began strictly controlling fermentation temp - HUGE improvement. Get away from bleach its definitely worth it.

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I used bleach or iodophor for years. I am currently using iodophor because i have a qt on hand but when it gone im switching to star
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Bleach will work in a pinch....use proper dilution...and remember that it has to stay in contact with the surface longer to be effective.

Do a google search and you will find more information.
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Mar 2012
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All of my equipment eventually gets a beach soak at some point in its downtime .
I don't use it as a sanitizer on equipment thats curently being used to brew a batch

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Aug 2012
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I also use iodophor because it isn't as toxic as starsan. I've got kids in the house.
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