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Aug 2012
Colorado Springs, CO
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To start off, I am brand new to this, so thanks for any and all help.

I am looking into what equipment to purchase, and wondering about the fermentation buckets. My question is why not buy both needed buckets with spigots, so that you don't ever need to syphon from one to the other? It seems like this would also stop the need to try and not syphon the leftovers at the bottom of the bucket because the spigot is a few inches above the bottom leaving the junk in the first bucket.

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May 2012
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Depending on the type of brew you do, that may not always be the case. If you look at some of the pictures on here of carboys, plenty of them have a few inches worth of trub. Not that it won't work though, just may not every time.
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While it's not happened to me, I know of friends who had leaky spigots or those who've had them bumped during fermentation and leak or ruin. While the risk of infection is rare, I personally wouldn't leave it to chance.
But, many starter kits come with spigots and most have no problem.
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Mar 2013
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Honestly, with the cost of an auto siphon and a length of tube I'd rather rack. It's a little more equipment, but it gives you much more control over the process. Believe me, there will come a high trub day where you'll be glad not to be racking off all that sediment. Something else to consider: once the beer is in the vessel it is nearly impossible to properly sanitize the spigot. Not that it means your beer is automatically ruined. It just raises the chances for something to go wrong. I also prefer carboys over buckets and highly recommend a 6 gallon better bottle for your five gallon batches. I clean by soaking in unscented oxyclean.

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May 2012
Dayton, ohio
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If you use carbing sugar it would be hard to dump it in and mix it without mixing the trub up and into your bottles

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Dec 2012
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Some companies do sell them, i think williams brewing has fermenters with a spigot.

If you were looking to bottle condition from this you would have to prime each bottle with sugar. And that sucks

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Old 04-01-2013, 04:07 AM   #7
Jul 2011
Richardson, Texas
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I always ferment in buckets with spigots. It's super easy to run the beer into a keg using a spigot...that's half the point of using buckets to start with.

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Jul 2009
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i have 1 bucket with a spigot. i have a clumsy brother. he was visiting 1 night, and kicked the spigot open. didn't notice until a few days later when i went to keg the ipa. felt the bucket was pretty much empty. now i know how how to remove carpet and lay tile. i broke the spigot handle off the bucket
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Aug 2011
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I used to ferment in a bottling bucket on occasion, and then my fermentation freezer had 2 inches of beer in it one day. I stopped fermenting in a bottling bucket shortly thereafter.

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Apr 2012
Schenectady, New York
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For me fermenters with spigots are fine. If the beer is given the proper amount of time to fully ferment and then allowed to brighten in the primary (I do not do the secondary thing) the trub settles well below the spigot and causes no problems.

I simply use the spigot to drain the beer (the first few ounces cleans out the trub that settled into the spigot) into a bottling bucket or bottle prime right from the fermenter. I've never had any oxidation problems.

My best advice when buying a fermenting bucket is to get one that is a few gallons larger than what is going into it.
I hate blowoffs and don't like to see good beer go to waste.

Watch the temperatures to keep fermentation under control.
Keep the lid on and (depending on the brew) give the yeast plenty of time to do its job, allowing the beer to clear up.


ps. Just make sure your spigots are in good shape, sanitized well and don't leak. Spray the exterior part of the spigot well with Starsan before attaching any tubing or a bottling wand.

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