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May 2012
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a buddy and i were discussing home brewing, and he was asking why did i like kegging versus bottling. my reasons were because with kegging, it's quicker, less hassle, and zero chances of bottle bombs. i also said that there is nothing like being able to walk in and pull a pint after working hard all day. from mowing the grass to just another day at the office, it's a good feeling to be able to pour yourself a tall one anytime. plus, you can get as little or as much as you want without having to worry about some going flat or going to waste. so, what are some of your reasons for liking kegging??

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Aug 2012
Fort worth, Tx
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Cleaning and filling bottles for a ten gallon batch is a huge pain and takes all day! That's why I started kegging.

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May 2012
Morgantown, Wv
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because I've never bottled and I dont know any better...

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Aug 2012
Moorestown, NJ
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kegging saves me hours of work cleaning, sanitizing, drying, and filling of bottles. i do bottle two 750ml bottles for each batch to drink 6-12 months down the road, but thats it.

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Dec 2011
Granger, IN
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Simplicity and clarity was my reason. I love how easy kegging is. I just clean my lines/taps as I clean the keg, fill the the keg with starsan and let it sit until the next beer is ready, then I just run some starsan though the lines, transfer the rest to the next clean keg (if it's not cloudy) and rack my beer.

I like how it's just right there and always at the right temp. I like how it's cleaner and doesn't require me to teach people how to pour without getting the yeast. I like how I can still bottle and give it to friends without a 'how to pour a beer' lesson. I also like how it is easier to get beer up to the volumes of CO2 I want in a few days (great for IPA's and other beers I like young). I have nothing against bottles, but after I kegged my first beer, I'll never do just bottles again.

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The kegging-vs-bottling pissing match has been done to death.

I keg everything, and bottle enough to save for competitions. Not everyone has the financial ability to get into kegging, whereas bottling is relatively cheap. It can also be difficult to find refrigeration space that will accommodate kegs, whereas a dozen or two beer are easy to just toss in the fridge.
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Feb 2011
Clemson, SC
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I actually don't like it all too much. I don't like bottling anymore than I do kegging, and it is a much bigger hassle, but kegging isn't really convenient for my situation I guess. Not to mention my keezer is usually running fermentation chamber duties. And in my best efforts to not sound like an alcoholic or anything, it's also a lot easier to tell myself it's time to stop for the night when I have 4 empty bottles sitting in front of me rather than a tap handle with seemingly unlimited beer behind it.

I do plan on finally filling some of my kegs again when my bock and bopils are done lagering, but that'll probably be a while down the road.

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Old 08-23-2012, 05:18 AM   #8
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Aug 2011
San Diego, CA
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Honestly, I don't mind bottling. I really think that if you're doing it properly, bottling day shouldn't take much time or effort. I know it doesn't for me. Every beer I want to age or that I know takes a while to come together gets bottled.

There is, however, something really cool about pulling a pint of your own beer from a tap. That's pretty neat. I also don't like sediment and don't have much fridge space to wait for yeast to compact in the bottom of a bottle.
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Jan 2011
collingswood, nj
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Honestly, I don't mind bottling. I really think that if you're doing it properly, bottling day shouldn't take much time or effort. I know it doesn't for me. Every beer I want to age or that I know takes a while to come together gets bottled.
I am the same. I usually bottle while my grains are mashing, so it really takes no extra time. The other advantages of bottling for me is that I can have a big variety of different brews to drink. I have about 10 different brews in my fridge and many more that are ready. There is no way I could have 10-15 different brews on tap. I also bring brews to parties so my friends can enjoy them.

I do like stout on nitro so I do have a nitro set up for my stouts. So I both bottle and keg, but mostly bottle.

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Jan 2012
Burbs of the Big Easy, La
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I have a kegerator with 3 taps and not enough time and space for enough bottles to keep a nice pipeline. But, kegging is, for me, faster, easier and more expensive. My worst expense is over and now I can use the kegs over and over and over and there's still nothing like pulling the tap on your own beer. I can't get use to that yet and hope I never do.
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