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You should probably take it apart as well. Put all the small pieces in a pint glass (or something) with hot water and pbw. Place the dip tube in the keg filled with hot water and PBW.

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@ mtyquinn I can understand the logic with a carboy - avoiding temp changes, etc.

My logic with corny kegs is - Stainless Steel - hotter = better. I did not think about the solubility of Oxygen though... curious point... hm... We need us a Scientist!

+1 to taking it apart. I rebuild my kegs almost each & every use. (Only *sometimes* do I skip it - for example, if I cold crash a beer in a freshly rebuilt keg, for only 5-6 days, then I immediately clean it with Oxy and refill it with StarSan - then I will reuse it one more time before I rebuild it.)

I go through a lot of O-Rings - but when you buy them in 200pks from McMaster - you stop caring about wasting a $0.02 O-Ring in exchange for the promise of a cleaner keg. Plus - I add Keg Lube to every single O-Ring and poppet, every single time. I do not like hissing posts or leaky kegs. Not in this house, nossir.

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PBW really is the best cleaner for dirty kegs. Cascade also does a great job.

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Originally Posted by thargrav View Post
Cascade also does a great job.
You aren't supposed to use those until after the keg is clean.

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Oxyclean and hot water inside, Bar Keepers friend on the outside. They will be clean and purty in no time.
The yeast knows what it's doing.

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I've found that just flushing the dip tube with co2 and oxy solution is inadequate. I was amazed at the gunk I got when running a diptube brush through tubes I thought should be clean.
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