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Oct 2011
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I have 2- 2 vessel systems. Two friends and I have ran many 3 batch AG days at 10g each. Our best time was this last weekend when we did 3-10g AG batches started at noon and finished cleaned up and everything by 9:15. Can't wait to get my new burners could probably shave a hour off that time.
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Mar 2010
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Did three 10 gals once. Started at about 6 am and ended about 3 am so maybe that should be counted as two days but one thing for sure is I will never even think about doing it again, at some point it just turns into work.

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Mar 2010
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Originally Posted by badhabit View Post
Did three 10 gals once. Started at about 6 am and ended about 3 am so maybe that should be counted as two days but one thing for sure is I will never even think about doing it again, at some point it just turns into work.
Hell yeah. That's what I'm talking about.

Dedication. Well done, sir.
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Feb 2012
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We did 4 10 gallon all grain batches on one Saturday for a reception and the harvest Party. A very long day it was, 5am-6pm.

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May 2010
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I feel like a weenie for doing 2 batches in one day, and even that was splitting the wort from one AG mash into 2 boiling kettles. However, I learned that I never want to use my HLT as a brew kettle again. I sprayed so much wort out of the sight glass and ended up with charred wort all down the side of the kettle. /facepalm
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Dec 2010
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i typically do 3 five gallon batches on brewdays.. i have a 4 year old and a wife, which makes me take a day off (this coming friday!) and brew the whole "word-day" .. i'll drop my daughter off at daycare at like 7:30 and i can get brewing by 8.. i'll even be done by 4 or so to pick her up..

key is getting stuff mostly setup the night before so you're good to go in the AM
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Jul 2009
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Originally Posted by krenshaw View Post
key is getting stuff mostly setup the night before so you're good to go in the AM
Aint that the truth! My brewdays always go much faster when I have my HLT full with filtered water, grains crushed, and hops weighed and put in baggies labeled with each time addition the night before. Also gives me an excuse to spend more time putzin in the garage/brewery.

Most I’ve done is two 10 gallon AG batches. Took from about 7AM till about 4:30 PM. Logistics were an issue because I am all electric with the capability of only firing one pot at a time. I used a separate propane burner to heat strike water while the first batch was boiling.

I have also done one all grain batch and two extract batches at the same time on a separate burner before, but that was with some helpers/other brewers.

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Jan 2014
Houston, TX
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For a few months last year we did 2 extract brews in the same night every week.
With 4+ people, its not that bad. We had two turkey burners going at once, and just staggered the start times by 30-45min so that first one would be done cooling in our only sink by the time the second one was done with boil.

We regularly bottle and brew on same day, usually making a 5 gallon extract beer plus a gallon of mead or other crazy experiment

Most in a day is 18 gallons, but it was easy because we only needed to boil to dissolve sugar: it was 2x 6 gallon batches of Skeeter pee, and 6 gallons of a cyser I made with leftover juice and honey from previous meads, so just a dump and stir.
The tough day was 6 weeks later when we bottled all 3 batches in the same day

This is why I recruit helpers, rather than make by myself and just bring to parties for others who didnt help to suck down. I make brewing a party and invite them to help make and drink homebrew. It allows me to make so much more, and bottling and capping 2 cases alone sucks anyways.

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Apr 2010
Cincinnati, Ohio
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these days I'm usually pumping out 2 batches of all grain when I get a chance to brew.

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Jul 2011
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I've never attempted a triple batch brew day. I have done a few double batch brew days as it does shave off an hour so of work. The only one I thought was a tad too labor intensive was my Duvel clone golden that required a 90 minute boil followed by the Westy clone double decoction. It was a long brew day, but rewarding a few months later!
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