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Jun 2012
Moraine, Ohio
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I'm going to attempt a 5 gallon batch of an All Grain Pumpkin Ale (Pumking Clone) this weekend and the recipe I found calls for 5 lbs of cooked pumpkin, however I'm going to mash with canned puree instead. So my question is does 5 lbs of cooked pumpkin equal to using 5 lbs of canned puree? I assume the canned stuff is more condensed so I didn't know if I should dump all 5 cans in my mash or cut it back some. I was planning to add rice hauls to my mash to prevent sticking...any other tips for mashing with puree?

My grain bill also includes:
17.5 lbs of 2 US 2 Row
1 lb of Car/Cry Malt 60L

1/2 oz Magnum Hops
3/4 oz Saaz (Sterling Alternate)

Various spices added to the boil and vanilla extract.

2 Packs British Ale 1098

Any tips would be greatly appreciated!


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Mar 2010
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5LBs is a lot to add to your is going to cause a serious mess/sparge issues.

I brewed up an imperial pumpkin ale last weekend that was also a take on Pumking and only used 1 29oz can of Libby's pureed pumpkin that I baked with spices in the oven prior to adding to the mash.

If I were you, I would go with no more than 2 29oz cans since the pumpkin isn't going to impart much flavor to your beer anyway but the 2 cans will be enough to give you the pumpkin 'mouthfeel' you are looking for.
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Nov 2011
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I put 75 oz of pumpkin puree in my batch last week. I used a lb of rice hulls, and I didn't have any lautering issues. The wort was a great orange color and had intense pumpkin aroma/flavor. I used a bunch, because I'm hoping some of the pumpkin aroma/flavor will come out in the final product....
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Most of the pumpkin flavor in beers like this come from the pumpkin pie spices and not really the pumpkin itself. In fact, there is a guy in our homebrew club who brews a decent pumpkin recipe using no pumpkin at all, just the spices.

If you plan to mash with any kind of pumpkin (fresh or puree), I would recommend mashing in with all your grains first, let it sit for a minute, then carefully add the pumpkin to the top of the mash. This will help prevent the pumpkin from settling next to your manifold and causing drainage problems.

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Definitely use no more than 2 cans of pumpkin puree. It's a huge PITA to deal with otherwise.

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Apr 2010
Pasadena, MD
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I plan on baking in the oven, then dumping the baked puree in my strike water before adding to the mash. I'm hoping that helps with temp issues.
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Dec 2010
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I did up my pumpkin ale last week with 60oz of canned pumpkin and a pound of rice hulls... Definitely a slow sparge, but not a super big deal.

To the OP, I'm not entirely sure how the conversion of fresh to canned would work, but I don't think you'd have a major problem with another 15oz of pumpkin beyond what I used, especially since you've got a bigger grain bill to boot.

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Dec 2009
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Originally Posted by tnlandsailor View Post
there is a guy in our homebrew club who brews a decent pumpkin recipe using no pumpkin at all, just the spices.
You know who else does? SOUTHERN TIER! There is NO pumpkin in Pumpking

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Aug 2012
Phillipsburg, New Jersey
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Not that I can be of much help since I'm still new to brewing but I used canned pumpkin in my pumpkin ale that called for 10lb's of fresh roasted pumpkin but since its out of season I used 8lb's of canned pumpkin puree. This was an extract brew so I can't comment on the issues you may have doing all grain as I am not yet familiar with the entire process.

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Apr 2010
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I brewed a PumKing clone a couple weeks ago. I used about 4 pounds of Libby's puree, and a pound and a half of rice hulls; all in the mash at the same time. No issues with sparging, and my wort came out very clear. I stirred the grains in before the pumpkin, so maybe that had a little to do with it. By the way, 4 pounds should be the minimum if you ask me

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