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Aug 2012
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One question before today? My brews in the secondary now and fully fermented. Do I need to put an airlock in the bung of the barrel? I'll only have the beer in there for about 4-5 days. If so, how do I go about drilling a hole in the bung? I thought about just drilling it while it was in the barrel, but that probably wouldn't be sanitary. Also, the distiller ponder the bung in. Do I just have to pull hard to get it out?

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You can remove the bung by tapping softly on the sides with a hammer and slowly working it out. Replace it with a drilled and sanitized #10 rubber plug and airlock. I use a non-drilled #10 in between beers. The beers will continue to outgas and may begin a second fermentation and develop a krausen in the barrel, this is normal. Taste some using a wine thief about 5 or 6 days after putting in the barrel until you feel it is ready, it can really take on flavors more quickly than you think.



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Sorry for the late reply. my barrel was 53 gallons. I used an airlock, although I had to add to it a few times as the levels drop (both the beer and the airlock), so I'm assuming it pulled some in to the barrel.

If you're going to drill the bug to make an airlock, you won't want the shavings entering your barrel. pull it out and drill it, then reinsert it.

I was advised not to use hot water on my barrel as it would strip too much of the flavors of the bourbon barrel, but if you don't want wood/bourbon/wine flavoring, then it would be a good way to rinse, and help swell the barrel. I poured a 750ML Bottle of Canadian club in to my barrel and rotate and moved it around for two days to make sure I had good coverage. I drained it out, and only ended with about 500ML, so I guess the barrel was "thirsty".

by the way, teh beer is delicious. I've tapped the first keg on beer gas through a nitro faucet. I've already been asked about getting another barrel to do it over again. I need some bigger fermenters and do larger batch sizes to make it worthwhile.

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