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Jan 2010
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My hops appear to be nearing the time of harvest. Some cones are large and some are small. When they are ready, do you harvest the whole bine or do you harvest the individual cones that are ready? I know commercial harvesters cut down the whole bine.


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Jan 2011
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From what I've read you can do either. If it's your first year growing then the plants benefit from leaving the bines grow until they go dormant and then clip them off. I think it helps crown growth, but they will be fine if you clip them also.

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Nov 2010
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I would harvest as they are ready. I would also leave the foilage to continue to collect energy and feed the crown until it begins to get cool out.

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I just cut the top cord and lay the bine down on the ground, then harvest the cones (in those years when there are cones). If you don't break the bine, it can feed sugars back into the roots to get ready for next year.

Word of warning: bines can take root wherever they touch the ground.
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Aug 2012
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I moved into a house with hops growing in the back yard. My house mates don't know much about them. How can I tell when they are ready to harvest?

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if you can, leave them up and growing. Studies show a 6% to 30% improvement in yield the following year. The commercial guys cut them down because its too difficult to harvest in the field...unless you have one of the dwarf varieties and the very expensive harvesting machines.

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Originally Posted by WaffleDroppings View Post
I moved into a house with hops growing in the back yard. My house mates don't know much about them. How can I tell when they are ready to harvest?
check out:
skip to 2:50 (warning: the guys is kinda dorky, but he knows his stuff).

indicators that hops are ready to be harvested: they feel dry and "paper-y", they spring back when you squish them lightly, they make a crunchy/paper-y/crinkly sound when squished, they are a dark green, and the tips of the cones have started to turn brown. hops at the top of the bine will mature earlier than the lower cones.
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