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Old 08-18-2012, 01:55 AM   #1
Aug 2010
Richmond, VA
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Good day everyone. Quick background on me; 30 years old, lived in the same area (and attended college) for the past 25 years, single, selling my house. I travel all over the country for work which awarded me the opportunity to visit southern Cali! Needless to say, everytime I visit (a total of about 8 times) I absolutely fall in love with the area and genuinely feel sad when I step foot on the airplan to head back east. However, I dread getting up everday for work, I don't interact with most of my coworkers unless I have too, and the lack of professionalism really bothers me.

Depending on how much I net from the sale of my house, I was going to basically head out there on a whim. My plan was to pre-pay rent for about 6 months while I look for a job(s). I'll have enough in savings to live on for about 8-10 months depending on how frugal I am.

Anyone else done something like this? Am I crazy or retarded for attempting something like this?

Thanks for any advice you guys can provide!

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Apr 2009
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Sounds great. Sow your wild oats while ye may. Soon enough you'll be staked.

I'm partial to North CA. San Diego is nice, but I wouldn't settle north of there until I hit Monterey. Above Monterey is gorgeous, as far north as I've gone.

I don't like the northeast, so I get what you're doing. Good luck. I don't think you're crazy at all.
- Andrew

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Jan 2011
Central, NJ
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+1 to passedpawn...there are times in your life when you feel like you have the option to do this. In my mind, that means DO IT...because while it syour life and you do alwasy have the option of self destiny, it gets kinda complicated at a point...

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Old 08-18-2012, 02:24 AM   #4
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Aug 2011
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I don't know what the job availability is out there ,or the occupation you have, but I quit a job in 2009 when it looked like things were improving. I settled for a job making just over 1/2 of what I was making before. Granted it is in RI which was, and still is, in the bottom 5 states for unemployment. But it also took nine months to find this job.

I would suggest having something lined up before making any move like this in this terrible economy, I expect it to get worse before getting better, especially if someone is reelected.

Sorry for the political rant.

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Old 08-18-2012, 03:48 AM   #5
Feb 2009
Lebanon, OR
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Maybe it depends on your profession. Do you have skillz that make you a valuable sought out employee? If so, definitely do it! If travel or a new destination calls, answer it.
On the other hand, if you're going to have a hard time finding a place to live and/or employment, some prelim work before uprooting may be in order. It's tough to brew when you don't even have a brew kettle to live in. Nowha'I'msayin'?

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Old 08-19-2012, 04:02 AM   #6
Jun 2011
Hayward, California
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I've always played it safe. Out of the 7 or so friends withing my age range, only 1 has successfully made a complete lifestyle change work, and that's because he secured a future job before going through with it. The other 6 have been unemployed for over six months.

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Old 08-19-2012, 12:34 PM   #7
Aug 2010
Richmond, VA
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Originally Posted by phoenixs4r
I've always played it safe. Out of the 7 or so friends withing my age range, only 1 has successfully made a complete lifestyle change work, and that's because he secured a future job before going through with it. The other 6 have been unemployed for over six months.
See that's just it, I'm tired of always playing it safe in my life. Clearly it makes things easier to find a job ahead of time, but my researching shows its easier if you have a California address first.

Its just me to support, no kids, wife, etc. So I'm willing to really work anywhere to start off.

Its amazing how negative people can be about this. They seem to think its OK to wake up everyday dreading what you do for a simple paycheck and to live in misery. I'm tired of living like that and refuse to fall into that category!

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Old 08-19-2012, 01:05 PM   #8
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Dec 2011
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I say that if you're prepared to face the consequences what ever they may be then go for it. It sounds like you have a plan and if you're determined there is a good chance that it can work out. I feel similarly, I've played it pretty safe so far and now that I feel like taking a chance while I'm still somewhat young (28) I don't have the opportunity at the moment because of some unexpected events I can't really do that right now. If you're not happy then it's up to you to change it. It seems too much in life people do what they have to do not what they want to do. If we can't be happy then what are we here for? I wish the best for you in what ever you decide.
I'm in over my head...fortunately that's right where I like to be.

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Feb 2008
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Go for it! I hear Cali is one of the best states to be homeless in!

(I'm joking.)

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Old 08-19-2012, 01:15 PM   #10
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Jun 2012
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Move to Stockton. If you bring more than ten dollars into the state with you, they make you mayor until you have spent it all.
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