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Hi, I brewed a NB Belgian strong golden extract Wed afternoon with OG of 1.08. At 4:30, I pitched 2 smack packs of Wyeast 1388 and 1 vial of WLP545 with wort at 70 degrees and put in my basement with ambient temp. of 70 degrees. Next morning, there was a nice 2 inch krausen and the fermometer said 71 degrees. Now about 30 hours later, the krausen is subsiding and the wort is at 73 degrees. The yeast are still visibly active in the carboy. 2 inches is as big as the krausen got and I don't think I've ever done a brew that didn't need a blow off hose. With pitching 3 containers of yeast, I thought for sure it would blow off but is it normal for the krausen to be subsiding so soon? Does this mean I won't get down to my desired final gravity of around 1.010-1.012 or can it keep fermenting for a long while even though it seems to be slowing down so soon? I figured I wouldn't take a hydrometer reading yet as the yeast are still so active. Thanks for any advice.

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Originally Posted by velorider11 View Post
I figured I wouldn't take a hydrometer reading yet as the yeast are still so active.
Bingo, it is too early to be asking these questions, let it ferment, then take your reading
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While it may be slowing down it is obviously not done so leave it be, eventually the krausen will drop out and begin clearing the beer, once that's done take a reading.
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Sounds like that will be a pretty good beer, no worries on the krausen. Let that thing ferment and leave the temp's in a good range for a Belgian Strong. Once that krausen has been gone for a few days, then you can try a hydrometer reading.
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