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Feb 2010
Lebanon, PA
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I've already seen/posted in the dogs thread, but not everyone has a dog!

So, I'm wondering...what pets do you have? (apologies if there's another big thread about this, I haven't seen it)

I've got a few critters around the house. 1 dog, 2 cats, and as of now, 3 lizards (bearded dragon and 2 baby chameleons). Here we go!

This is Frank! Cat 1...he's a fickle little bastard. Very skittish, but super loving and actually wanting attention from me right now. He'll rub up against your legs and then immediately run away.

Sylvester! He's Frank's brother. He's the polar opposite of Frank. If you lie down on the bed face-down, within 3 seconds he will be jumping onto your back and getting into the "loaf" position. He's ridiculously loving and always wants to be on your lap. If you want to you could hold him upside-down by his toes and he wouldn't care.

Pepper! He's my 5 year-old border-collie/something mix. He's the best dog ever. He wags his tail so hard that his whole back end shakes around. He is a rescue that used to be terrified of people but after giving him a loving home he is the friendliest, loving-est dog ever. I take him everywhere I can and just plain love the sh*t out of him.

Apollo! He used to be named "Mufasa", but as I can't stand Disney I decided the hop-based name would be better. He's a bearded dragon for those who aren't familiar. Beardies are very interactive and love to come out of their cages. He's perfectly content to just chill on my shoulder or lap while I browse HBT, watch tv, or whatever. A girl at work was having a baby and needed a mass-exodus of her pets, so I adopted him and spoil him with superworm salads.

Simcoe and Amarillo! (this is just one, obviously) I just adopted two baby Jackson's Chameleons...they're just over a week old. These guys (or gals?) are very temperamental creatures and I'm doing my best to keep them happy.

So that was a bit long-winded, but, what pets do you have?

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Sep 2010
Braintree, Massachusetts
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Remnants of a hurricane raging outside last year really bothered my dog as you can see!
Click image for larger version

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Jan 2008
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(2) green anoles
(10-14) green tree frogs [started with 20 and can't keep track]
(4) fire bellied toads
(1) american toad [rescue]
(1) brown skink [rescue]
(1) Orange tabby [Died last saturday. 14-1/2 years old.]

and a 38 year old Malaysian.

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Old 08-23-2012, 03:51 AM   #4
Aug 2011
Austin, Texas
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2 cats here!

Kevin, the white cat is my homie. He follows me everywhere and has an obsession with plastic grocery bags.

The calico is Kendall. Me and my fiancé call her "ho bag" because she is constantly looking for attention and eats too much. lol
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May 2012
Santa Maria, CA
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Titan, my English Mastiff. 1 year old, 150 lbs

Click image for larger version

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I can has homebrew?
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May 2009
SW Michigan
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Here's my dog. Don't let his looks fool you, because he's an a-hole. We have a love/hate relationship.

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Old 08-23-2012, 05:12 AM   #7
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Aug 2011
San Antonio, Texas
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Here is a crappy cell phone pic of my roommate's 7 month old German Shepard and Husky mix. He's pretty funny. He has no issues with shooting out at the ranch, but gets scared when a firework goes off.

Click image for larger version

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Oct 2010
Makakilo, Hawaii
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Our dog Dasher. He's a a real photo ham.

Click image for larger version

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Sep 2007
Honolulu HI/ Hickam AFB, Hawaii
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No pics now, but I had a dog and have 3 cats. Well sort of. My dog a Rottie was killed by a b!tch that ran him over at my parents place. Privatized base housing said I couldn't have him eventhough I was grandfathered in on air force housing. The cats are with my MIL's place. They are getting old and didn't want to put them through the moving process to Hawaii.

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"I just got a new pet toaster!"
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Feb 2008
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He likes ice cream.
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