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Hey Guys,

I got a quick question about a recent brew I made. Last week I did a french siason. It was a recipe I found at the local homebrew store. The recipe is this.

12 lbs 2 row
0.5 lbs Munich malt
0.75lbs wheat malt
0.25lbs Brown malt

12.5 AAU perle - 60min
1.6 oz sterling - 15 min
2.0 oz Will - 0 min

Wyeast 3711

As you can see this is a fairly hoppy siason, probably why they called it westcoast siason.

My brew day went perfectly. I mashed at 150F and it only dropped to 149 over 75 min. I did a 1L starter the night before and put it on my stir plate. Probably was on the plate for 20 hrs before I pitched it the next day. The heat here in Vancouver this week has been hot and we had +30C days all last week. I pitched the beer and within 3 hrs it was going crazy. It was swirling like mad! I hit my OG bang on at 1.056.

Ok so now to the questions. I just racked it and my final gravity is 1.000. It might be 1.001 or 2 but its really hard to tell. Is this a problem? I know that the lower mash temp made it more fermentable but there is no body in this beer at 1.0. Did I do something wrong or should I have added some carapils for more body? Has anyone had that low of a FG? How did the beer turn out?


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With that low mash temp and that yeast the low fg isn't too surprising. A higher mash temp will produce a less fermentable wort.
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The last saison I made I overshoot my SG and undershot my expected FG and accidentally made a 7.5% beer with little to no body. Those saison yeasts are crazy attenuaters and will really plow through more complex sugars than most yeasts.

Could try some maltodextrine.
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Quite common with 3711, and an FG that low is desirable in a saison. I bet it turns out great, and I certainly wouldn't do anything to "fix" it!

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Last two saisons I had with 3711 wound up being about that low...had to go back and make sure the hydrometer wasnt broken. I'd say with the low mash temp and that strain your FG is about right.

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