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Default Help! Skeptical Friends!

I have a bunch of buddies who I wanna share my homebrew with, BUT! They are really skeptical about it's "safety". Everyone who ever shared their brew with buddies who don't homebrew or even heard of it has encountered this before. And I know what some of you might say. "Hey if they don't want it, then more for you!" I know, but you know the feeling of serving something you're proud of to people and getting to see their reactions on it(I bake too so I love that feeling when people are surprised that I made those cookies or cake). I've tried explaining everything to them as simple as possible, but they say they need "Proof" not just my word, but physical/scientific proof that my homebrew is safe to drink. Is there anything you guys can suggest for me to do or say to give them their proof?

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Drink one, when you don't die that will be proof

Really, just find any reputable website that explains brewing. Or take them to a local microbrewery. Most of those guys started as homebrewers and could explain that it's the same process, just bigger buckets.

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Read up on the history of brewing. Beer has been brewed for thousands of years because it doesn't make you sick, unlike the unhealthful local water of that time. In fact, your friends are probably safer drinking the beer you brew than water coming out of your tap. Boiling, alcohol, and the low acidic pH from the hops make it much safer and cleaner.
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I wonder why they'd even think it would be safe? Maybe they are familiar with old moonshiners and still where people could go blind? If that is the case I could understand.

But if someone offers me dinner, I don't ask them, "You made this?!? Is it safe? Will I go blind if I eat it?" because that is rude. The same is true with homemade beer and wine (and soap, and dishtowels, or whatever the craft is). It's simply rude to be a jerk about it. Drink, or don't drink. But don't be rude.

If your friends need proof to drink your homebrew, then tell them you want proof that their dinner won't kill YOU so they can see how absolutely rude that is.
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More beer for you. All though I love when someone tastes my beer and the first thing that they say rather supprised is "oh it tastes like beer" what did you think it would taste like.
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My wife bought me my homebrew starter kit at the LHBS a couple years ago, and won't drink anything I brew because she's convinced it'll kill her :-).

Okay, the truth is she really prefers lagers and we don't have the setup to make those, but I'm hoping to be able to make a small batch over the winter.
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I'm curious why they are so skeptical? All the advice given already should be sufficient; it might help to pick the one that is most likely to be convinced and get them to try it first.
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Have them watch that cheesy show on Netflix about the history of beer. They brew beer with duck pond water and then feed it to unsuspecting victims (which has to violate a number of laws). I'm guessing they weren't really unsuspecting...

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Homebrew skeptics are everywhere, I usually tell them my home brew only sent me to the Emergency room once, and I only poop blood " once in a while". It does weed out the wimps, but at the weekend feeds, it doesn't take them long to to pull a pint.
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Tell them to watch " how beer saved the world" on Netflix.

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