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Aug 2012
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I'm all about supporting small business, and I would like to start on a relationship with them too.

Or should I buy online? I think I would have a bigger selection of stuff and maybe a better prrice.

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Aug 2008
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I buy local. That way they are there when I need something Saturday afternoon.

I also refuse to shop at Walmart and believe in voting with my wallet even when it means I pay more...

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Aug 2011
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I have to do both. For pricing on smaller items I can't beat the online prices. There are also a lot of things that I cannot get at my LHBS.

I do get bulk grains from the LHBS because of the shipping charges that would come with online ordering.

I am looking into a group grain buy, if I can figure out how to arrange time off to make the pickup.

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Oct 2010
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I would support a local brew supply store if there was good one around here. But the only one available is expensive, the selection mediocre and it's about an hour drive away. 95% of my shopping is online.

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Dec 2008
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If you want to support local businesses, they have something that meets your needs and is fairly priced, buy local. You'll satisfy your desire to help a local business, establish a rapport and have the ability to have items in hand and a face to talk to if there are issues. Buy online if you can only get what you need online, or if the local place is grossly overpriced.
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Feb 2012
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Buy local for what you can. If I had a "local" homebrew store, I probably wouldn't even look at online stores - an online store isn't going to help you if you realize last minute that you're out of caps, or any other supply. And you'll meet other brewers in your area. If you're like me and the nearest HBS is over two hours away...then, stop in and pay them a visit when you're in town, but online is about going to have to be your choice.

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Jul 2011
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Support your LHBS!

There are times when you will have to order online to find certain things but as RC00 said, if you support them now then they will hopefully be there when you need something the day of.
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Feb 2012
Westerly, RI
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For equipment it's nearly impossible for your LHBS to beat or even match the online prices, so I would suggest going that route for the equipment purchases if you don't have everything already. For everything else I use my LHBS. I've found that the price are about the same as you would pay online, and even if it's a little more the price difference makes up for the convenience and the ability to have a place to make emergency trips on brew days. If you have several LHBSs visit them all, and within 5 minutes of talking to the owner (this might be a generalization but I have yet to visit a LHBS that didn't have an owner/operator there) you'll know if it's someplace that you want to give your hard earned money for you. There are 3 in my area, I've gone to one once and will never go back due to the combination of poor customer service and over pricing, another was a run of the mill store that left me feeling like a 40 degree day, and lastly the one that I frequent which has a knowledgable owner that engages pretty much every customer, takes pride in his work and is honest about his prices. The third store I've sent all my fellow home brewers to with rave reviews and will continue to do as such.

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Jan 2012
Ortonville, MI
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I'm just not in a $ position to pay 30 dollars more for something I have to go pick up when I can get it dropped at my door for $30 less than at my LHBS. This was a recent purchase of $140. $170 at the LHBS, they wouldn't budge on their price. The owner doesnt work there - his managers do a good job of holding his price...and losing the business. I do want to support them - but I ain't gonna be their cash cow.

Grain only at the LHBS. - And I'm taking it up the arse when I do.

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Apr 2012
Charlottesville, Va
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LHBS. Mine is great, knowledgeable reasonably priced and did I mention nice. The always have what I need and lots of things I don't. I often get a chuckle when I think oh I am sure they won't have X item, walk in and I don't even have to ask it is sitting out in plain sight. I started out ordering from Northern Brewer, then when I started hanging out at the shop I realized how great they were. It is much nicer to be able to walk in and get what I want( except on Sunday and Mondays since they are closed) instead of ordering and waiting a week.

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