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Monday - Thursday
It really depends on the beer gravity for me. If it's a 1.070+ I'll have 1 with dinner and nothing else. If it's lighter I'll probably have 3 or nothing at all.
I'm a beer or ice water guy. Not a big juice or soda fan.

Friday - Sunday
is a different story

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Originally Posted by Yooper View Post
I don't count, but that seems about the same for me.

I love kegging- but there are no dead soldiers around so you can count your empties. I switched to a small glass (involuntarily I might add), so it's easy to refill a small glass more than once.

It's probably "too much" beer. But I'm extraordinarily healthy, fit, and active. So I don't care!
I'm like Yoop, I started using smaller glasses (most of the time) since I started kegging. I go through fazes where I'll drink regularly through the week and then not at all. Right now I have been drinking more frequently than usual.

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I work in the evenings(yay restaurants) so I may have one(usually 12 oz) when I get home if I am not getting home too late. Weekends are no different to me since I work them too. I end up having about 4-5 a week. That's enough for me.
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2-4 a night, depending on gravity. I have gone to larger glasses but I fill them halfway or so (they are 18-25oz. steins). Sometimes I think I should cut back, other times I think it's fine. I'm not overweight, but I need to exercise more anyway. My wife drinks like one or two per WEEK, so I tend to look bad by comparison
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Originally Posted by davekippen View Post
Open log Fermenting and gas-can secondary?? I am planning my next brew right now!!
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I was at 3-4 maybe 5 a night during the week.

Now I have 2 jobs so when I get home I only have time for one but I always have one. After 13-17 hour work days I really feel I need that one before I fall asleep to cut away at everything I did that day. Especially now that I have been cutting back/stopping a different vice of mine...
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I like to enjoy one 12oz every day after work. On the weekends if I am home I'll have one with lunch and another one or two in the evening. Occasionally I will have a 22oz on a weekend night. On the rare times I'm at a social gathering I don't keep track so long as my wife is driving
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This thread makes me feel better!

I drink 1-3 (average 2 probably) on weeknights. 3-5 on weekends. I don't drink every night, but probably 5 out of 7.

Can't go to heavy thus time of year; my work is not air conditioned and hangover+heat is frickin torture
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Glad to see I am not alone, I am 1-3 to end a day as the sun sets and on weekends the SWMBO and I like whiskey and beer tastings and enjoy a few more.
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1-2 3xs per week. A few more on the weekend.

I agree with the glass size. I put away the 22oz glasses. Those are dangerous.

I also agree on the problem with kegs vs bottles. I can't tell you how many times I've killed a keg and thought "There's no way that's empty already".
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5-7 beers a week. Add 3 if we go to the in-laws for dinner. Typically I shoot for two dry nights a week to keep my wife happy. Alcoholism runs in my family so she is pretty watchful of my drinking habits. It is annoying and considerate all at once.

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