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Aug 2012
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Does anyone have any suggestions on where to buy my next ingredient kit? I'm new to the game and only have one brew under my belt so I want to stick to simple extract kits...for now. My local shop has prices that aren't appealing and northern brewer shipping rates kill the deals.

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Originally Posted by lewisjt View Post
northern brewer shipping rates kill the deals.
If you order online, you're going to have to pay shipping. Remember that "free shipping" means that prices are generally higher.

Northern Brewer's flat rate shipping is actually pretty awesome as long as you buy enough to make it worth your while. I'd also suggest Austin Homebrew, but you might complain about their generous shipping as well. Personally, I think both have reasonable prices, especially with their flat rate shipping.
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Recipes galore here:

Go for the ones that require full volume boils with no top off water.

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Northern Brewers flat rate shipping covers the ingredient kits and is $7.99
I used to buy 2 or 3 kits and some other supplies on each order.

Others have $5.99 flat rate shipping but their prices are a little higher.

Others to look at are
Austin Homebrew Supply
Midwest Supply
Williams Brewing

There are others. I often shop and put things it the cart on a few sites, add the shipping then compare the prices and order from the one that totals lowest.

Other times I order from the ones I trust the most.

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Midwest charges actual shipping- probably more than the $8 for Northern Brewer.

I like for ingredient kits- they have hundreds and hundreds to choose from and they are all made up when you order (not sitting in a box on a shelf). It's $8 for shipping, also.

You know, if you order three kits at a time, then it's more cost effective. That's what I used to do- order three at a time, and then be able to brew for a couple of months. The grain comes in vacuum sealed bags, so it'll stay fresh, and the LME comes in tubs. The hops go in the freezer, and the yeast in the fridge.
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Apr 2011
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Just go to your local shop and ask them to match the deals you can get online, this is what I did with success, they love the opportunity to get and keep your business running thru them so they will usually match pricing if you ask nicely, especially if you can buy in volume, say over $100-200 they would for sure want to earn your business, I recently placed a $700 order with my LHBS and they gave me all prices more than %20 off retail, whatever it took to beat online prices is what he did for me. Even the yeast he gave me 20% off that brings it down to 5.50 per Wyeast pack, you can't find that deal online... Plus no shipping fees! (just have to pay sales tax) Good Luck!

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Aug 2012
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Thanks for the quick response fellas. I'll check to see if my LHBS will price match. Otherwise I'll wait till I get paid and pick up a couple kits and another carboy online, to utilize flat rate shipping.

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I've been ordering from midwest since I'm in NE OH & they're in MN. Since they use Fed-Ex home delivery,I get it in 2 days average. But the shipping cost is $11.41,their 2nd cheapest method,but faster than most. So the $25 PM kit totals $36.41,about the cost of my average all extract batch. Original kit price was $24,but added $1 for premium dry yeast (US-05 vs munton's 6g packet which is standard).
I just wish shipping didn't add up to local sales tax. And congress is now working on another bill to allow sales tax to be charged on point of purchase online,regardless of where you are. Local shops don't carry everything we typically need,then cry foul when they loose business. jeez...
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My LHBS is in the basement of a hardware store. They carry the essentials but the only kits on hand is true brew. They might be good kits but I doubt they have a quick turn around. Northern brewer gets my business for now. I'll buy two kits at a time.

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Originally Posted by lewisjt View Post
Thanks for the quick response fellas. I'll check to see if my LHBS will price match. Otherwise I'll wait till I get paid and pick up a couple kits and another carboy online, to utilize flat rate shipping.
In addition, see how frequently they go through their product and re-stock as you want fresh kits. a lot of LHBS I know do not move a lot and some sit on the shelves for quite a while.

Most of the mail orders package their own kits and move quite a bit so their ingredients are usually pretty fresh. IME when I did extract kits the local LHBS was more but when adding in the shipping the difference was very minimal. In addition, if you order multiple kits at a time there is a break in shipping costs to make it more worthwhile. I usually try to order as much as I can from a location so everything gets shipped together and there can be large savings in shipping.

Also, as a side note, things are only going to get more expensive with the drought conditions being felt throughout the country and hop shortages in other areas
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