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Jun 2012
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
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to be ready from brew date to drink date?

I'm almost finished drinking my first brew--a tasty Amber Ale. I'm ready to brew again. I have my bachelor party retreat coming up October 6, and I want to brew the NB Imperial Stout Extract Kit. My question is whether the brew can be ready in time for that trip, which is almost exactly 2 months away, or should I brew something that can be ready to go faster? Any advice would be great.

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Jun 2012
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
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The more I read about it the more I'm thinking I don't have the time.

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Oct 2008
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I haven't brewed that specific one but usually an imperial stout is better with more aging. Don't know what kind of bachelor party you are shooting for, but it seems like most of them go for the easier drinking/multiple beers angle.
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May 2012
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It would definitely be pushing it for a quality beer, especially an imperial. Two months is going to be close for any beer if you are bottling. If you are kegging, you should be fine, but I would probably go for something else. A good brown would be tasty getting into fall.
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Jan 2012
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You should be able to pull it off. I'd definitely make a starter (learn to do that if you've never done it before). Be sure to keep a good eye on your gravity after a couple weeks in the fermenter. Once it's nearing completion, up the temperature to around 70 to 73 to encourage the yeast to finish things up if you're able (don't worry, the flavors are already set by this point). This last part should only take a couple of days. Bottle it asap though, as it'll take about three weeks minimum to carbonate in the bottle. If you keg, you're already good to go.

Edit: As some others have mentioned though, a lighter gravity ale might be an easier fix, and it can be quite satisfying as well!
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Jul 2012
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Sure you can drink it but it probably get better when it gets a little older... It needs time to age to reach its true potential...

What I do:

I brew quick beers and beers to age in combination so I always have something around.

Earlier this year I got on a Belgian kick and had to much (I know it is a sin to say...) BIG BEER in the house.... I had none of the session beers I normally drink... since then I have brewed a Kolsch, Mild, Amber, Hefe to try to fill my Keezer up with beer I can drink every day...

I know that I will have the 20 gallons of the Belgian Stout and the triple until XMAS... not a bad thing but it takes up keg space.... I should have bottled it.

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Dec 2011
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A dry stout like Guinness is a lower gravity beer that you should be able to turn around quickly. Anything with Imperial in the name is not gonna fit what you are looking for though. That kit you were looking at could possibly be consumed in your timeframe, but it will not even be close to as good as it could be.
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Dec 2010
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If you're set on the NB stout kits, I'd suggest their Dry Irish Stout or Chocolate Milk Stout (for something a bit more full-bodied.) Both of those can be finished in your time frame.

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Aug 2009
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It depends on the stout. Will it be drinkable in 2 months? Certainly. Will it be at its peak? Maybe. Probably not. Much easier to get a brown or a porter to taste like something besides Granny's corn squeezins in that time constraint.

But given the usual parameter of bachelor party drunks being measured on a Richter scale, a RIS might be over-kill. Bachelor party drunks are usually a 10-12 hour marathon, not a 2-3 hour sprint.
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Jun 2012
Salem, NH
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What do you guys like to drink? I have a RIS bottle that I wont touch for at least 2 months. I'd recommend maybe a nice pumkpin ale /wheat for that time?

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