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Default Eggs

I am a firm believer that a man's (or a woman') choice in beer says nothing about their character. It is merely a preference.

This, however, does not apply to hard liquor, and definitely not to cocktails. As a rule, I always watch what I say around a man drinking a gin martini.

Another thing that speaks volumes about a person is their preference in mattress firmness. I have it down to an art. After knowing someone for a few weeks, I can accurately guess whether they are a firm or a soft mattress sleeper at least 80% of the time. Its a gift really.

Lastly, and most importantly, a lot of our personality is tied up in our egg preference. I'm not saying there arent folks out there who like EVERY style of eggs, since I am one of them, but everyone has a fall-back egg style that they order more often than not.

Ok, so maybe not personality, but I'm still curious who prefers what. I had my first soft boiled egg the other day in 25 years and I am newly hooked! I have flirted with over easy and then sunny-side up, but I gotta say, something about spooning egg onto buttered toast makes me feel cultured...

I'm going to just put myself out there and guess that Homer is most likely a hard boiled man...

See, that's where the real story is.
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Scotch egg, none better.

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Cadbury cream eggs for me. Or Benedict if the others aren't in season.
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Man, I used to have poached eggs with a touch of salt and pepper when I was a kid. I'd eat them with toast as well. Good stuff!!!
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Originally Posted by SilverZero View Post
Cadbury cream eggs for me. Or Benedict if the others aren't in season.
The trick is to buy a few cases of CCE the day after Easter. That will keep you in them till they come out in January the next year. I have 2 cases sitting in my freezer right now.

Not a fan of eggs. I think it is because I never have had good ones.
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LOL! As I was reading your post, Creamy, I thought, "I bet he is just WAITING to see what kind of egg man I am!"

For the record, I "normally" eat my eggs over easy, but honestly, I am not choosy. I like them just about any way they can be made. I will have to say that hard boiled is near the bottom of my list. I can't recall ever having soft boiled, though. Might have to give it a try. Probably won't care for it, though. I don't usually go for cultured things. Yoghurt is ok with enough of the right kind of fruit.
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I don't hate eggs, but I never want them.

No matter what, I have to have bacon or sausage to eat with it to give a little flavor and texture.

Spicy devilled eggs can be good, but again, I NEVER crave them or choose them if there is much else to choose from.
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I love scrambled, on the runny side, with hot sauce or something else fact, the more stuff I can mix together (potatoes, sausage, veggies, cheese, dash of hot-sauce) the better.

I also like over medium and will often eat a dozen deviled eggs on Thanksgiving (or whenever they're around). Hard boiled are OK but I like to keep the yolk a bit soft so there is some juiciness.
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Originally Posted by davekippen View Post
Open log Fermenting and gas-can secondary?? I am planning my next brew right now!!
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Scrambled or over hard. No runny-ness for me please. Oh and how about a bit of cheese on it there, oh ya and drop that on a nice toasted muffin with some sausage or bacon that would be great thanks. You're the best.
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It's about the beer.
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Pickled eggs are by far my favorite. With jalape˝o slices and Tabasco sauce, of course.

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