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Hey Guys,

Was reading thru this thread and the full batch pasteurization and back sweetening at the same time looks like a great way to do things.

Just to clarify that process is for a sweet still cider, correct?

For a carbonated cider I would need to carb up and do the bottle pasteurization method from the sticky post, right?

Also mentioned in the other thread was the possibility of stopping the cider from turning into vinegar by pasteurization. Is this true?

I have a batch that might be starting to turn and was wondering if I pasteurize and back sweeten it would it stop the process of turning to vinegar? Sort of acidic/sour tasting at last racking and hope to salvage it. It may not be bad but if the bulk pasteurization/sweeten method works I would give it a shot.

see my previous thread

Thanks for all the help! These forums rock!

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Yes, yes, and yes. Looks like you've got the basics down!

Any other newby i'd suggest that the 'sourness' is just dry cider taste since sensory descriptions are hard to convey through text but since you've got two other similar batches going which taste 'normal' then it may be time for damage control. Killing off the offending acetobacteria via batch pasteurization will stop the cider to vinegar reaction.

Be aware thought that when bottling a still cider in bottles it is best to minimize the air in the neck via either CO2 purging (if you have a kegging system) or by filling up as close to the cap as possible. This minimizes the chance of infectious bacteria spoiling your cider in bottle. Traditionally carbed ciders are more resistant to this as the carbonation decreases the pH of the cider making it more hostile to infection.
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