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I think this threadjack will also help the OP. Looking for some advice...

I want to do an indoor honey Saison with slightly untraditional hops (which are still up for debate). I never brewed a Saison before, but I want it to be a little more citrusy and bright, while remaining semi-true to style, nice and dry and drinkable. I prefer abv in the 6-7% range. Trying to cover some of those phenolic yeast flavors with more hops.

Tell me what you think - This is just a rough draft of what I have in mind.

Created it myself:

1.065 OG
1.010 FG or lower
30 IBUs

60 minute BIAB mash at 150 F
6 gal, 60 minute boil
5 gal batch

54% Northern Brewer Pilsen LME
15% Castle Pilsen 2RS
15% Orange Blossom Honey (added to 80 F wort before pitching yeast)
8% Castle Wheat
8% Castle Munich Light

10 IBUs Pacifica @ 60
10 IBUs Hallertauer Mittelfrueh @ 30
10 IBUS Pacifica & Hallertauer Mittelfrueh @ 15
Extended Whirlpool with 1 oz. Hallertauer Mittelfrueh
Dryhop 5 days with 1 oz. Pacifica

Wyeast 3711

Should I make a starter with that? Use yeast nutrient? Step-stage the fermentation temps? How long does the entire process take? Not using a secondary.

Overall critique appreciated, keeping my goals in mind of course. I also have a 75-85 F apartment this time of the year and want to take advantage of it. I tend to brew mostly IPAs and use a friend's chest cooler for them, which is full at the moment. I'm kind of out of my element with brewing Belgian ales, but I'm very familiar with these beers from a drinking standpoint. Thanks for the advice.

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Here's the one I just brewed. Going to tap it tonight!

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If you want ultra-basic, you can use 100% base malt and bittering hops only. 565/3724, in a Gainesville garage, would turn that into a good beer. As a set of general guidelines, I would mash low, omit any caramel and dark-roasted malts, and hop lower than you'd normally think because of the dryness.

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How did it go ?

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Brew On!

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mine is 1.050 = 1.004
pilsner85% vienna wheat and rye ( 5% of each)
Mash at 150F
low bittering 10-15 ibu @ 60
1.5oz Motueka @0
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If you haven't already committed to a recipe, I will add my 2c. The simpler, the better.

Yeast 1st - Use Wyeast 3711. It's fantastic, easy, safe, and gives you that traditional saison profile. Run warm, but under 80 is what I shoot for.

Malt 2nd
80% Pilsner
10% Wheat
10% Belgian Cara 20L
I prefer the wheat/caramel to the rye option, but if you really want a high-spice saison, substitute rye and a little caramel rye.
Mash Low - 148-150

Hops Last
at about 1.045 OG I liked:
1oz Goldings at 60 (22ibu)
1oz Goldings at 5 (4ibu)
1oz Saaz at 5 (2ibu)

Good luck!

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Don't forget Belle Saison is a pretty good yeast too. It's a dry yeast, but very good. Great when used in the 70's to start and finish in 80s. 3724 can be a PITA as it tends to stall around 1.024-1.030. Then it takes 3 weeks to resume, if at all. 3726 is much more reliable, if you can find it. I wish their PC yeasts were available more often, or at least through a direct order.

One of my current favorites is East Coast Yeast ECY03. It has Brett from the Fantôme brewery in it. Gives an amazing pineapple flavor without much effort. ECY08 (Saison Brasserie) is the unBretted version. It's good too, and a faster worker.

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I'm hoping that after 4 years the OP finally brewed a saison.

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Originally Posted by AZ_IPA View Post
I'm hoping that after 4 years the OP finally brewed a saison.

Your more observant than me.
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