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Default Hello!

I just wanted to say hi to everyone.
I just created an account on here a couple weeks ago.

I bought a home brew beer kit a month or so ago.
I have made 2 batches.

My first recipe was an Australian Ale that the brew supply store gave me for free when I bought my kit. It was a Cooper's recipe. It had no grains or dry hopps. It was just 1 big can of extract that I just had to add sugar to. It had a packet of yeast included.
It was OK. It wasn't my favorite style of beer. I also used table sugar in it. That gave it a bit too much of a sweet taste. It was also a bit too bitter.
It wasn't bad though. Just not my style.
I was told by a brewer friend that corn sugar works better since it's got more of a grain flavor to it. I will use that in the future.
My 2nd recipe, I got from Austin Home Brew supply. If you haven't bought a recipe kit from them, I highly recommend it. They have hundreds of kits!
I bought a honey wheat from them. It came with a pound of honey for the wort and some corn sugar for priming.
All of their kits come in either: liquid malt, mini-mash or all grain versions. You can choose any of the 3 for each recipe they have.
I used the liquid malt version of this recipe. It actually had some grains as well as some liquid extract. It came with a bag of dry hopps.
It has been about 1 and 1/2 weeks since I bottled it. I was getting impatient and tried a bottle of it the other day. It is AMAZING already!
I am going to let it get to the full 3 weeks in the bottle before trying any more. That way it will fully mature. It was so good though already!

Next I might try one of their honey blondes. I haven't kegged my beer yet. I have just bottled. I might try kegging my next batch. My brother works for a beverage company and has access to half barrel kegs.

Anyway, that's my brewing history thus far! I am loving this hobby. It's a lot of fun!

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