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Hey All,

My daughter just informed me that her favorite beer of all time is Lindeman's Belgium Framboise...of course, I've never heard of it, but I said that I knew experts that could probably find me a clone recipe. So what do you think? All I know is what I'm reading on the empty bottle which is:
"a lambic made from local barley, unmalted wheat and wild yeast. After spontaneous fermentation, the lambic is aged in oak. Rassberriesare added, creating a secondary fermentation and yielding a beer of exceptional quality and taste"

can anyone help?


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This'll give you a start. Never brewed a lambic style myself, good luck!

About Lambic Brewing:

Lambic Yeasts:
Easy Partial Mash Brewing - Stovetop All-Grain Brewing

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Lindemanns is like sour raspberry soda. I don't think its a true lambic. I've had it and I've had 'real' lambics. It's not as sour and is very very sweet. If you do a search here a couple people have discussed it. If I were going to do it I'd start with a belgian wit recipe, and add a ton of raspberries, and then add some lactose for the sweetness. The lactose is my big question, it adds sweetness AND mouthfeel. I think if you add enough to get to Lindy's sweetness level it may have more mouthfeel(thickness?) then you'd want. I think you'd get enough sourness from the ton of rasperries( the sugar ferments out and you're left with tartness) without adding brett or lactobacillus( lambic "yeast"). Or you could try Brett Claussenii , it has the lowest intensity brett flavor supposedly, I haven't used it. The last option in my mind is crazy, add the brett and berries and pastuerize it when its at the right sweet/sour level and keg it( yeast are dead so you can't bottle condition). I have no idea what heating the beer to yeast killing stage would do to it though, anyone done this? In my mind this would be a tough beer to clone closely. This is f'ing long, sorry. Good luck.
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Brewferm has a pre-hooped can kit called Framboos. It is one of two pre-hopped can kits we've ever brewed but it turned out pretty good. It does not exactly match the "real" Framboise lambic but it's pretty close. The kit makes about 3 gallons. Here is a link to show the product:

It's not as much fun as brewing your own from recipe but it might work for you.

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I just drank my bottle of Framboise. I've also heard that it's not a good representation of the style. I enjoyed the drink, but would compare it more to a wine cooler, than what I was expecting for a beer. I would definately try a different lambic in the future just to see what they are really all about.
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