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Kwanza Bock is just a running hilarious name for this brew at the actually has nothing to do with Kwanza, it's really just a Christmas beer I'm working out a recipe for. Just looking for some pointers, thoughts, tips or flames on what I'm putting together here.

At the moment I'm going to brew this with a clean ale yeast (WLP060, WLP001?)...which makes it not a doppelbock. I am however crafting it as a doppelbock recipe so that I can utilize it with a lager yeast in the future. My facilities just aren't there yet, so I can really only ferment around 60-66F at the moment. But know those guys in the malls are fake Santas. Well this is a fake doppelbock to honor them. Next year hopefully...this will be a legitimate doppelbock lager.

Expecting an efficiency of 80% from my mashtun. Doing a single-infusion at 152F for 60 minutes. Batch sparge. Pre-boil volume of 6.5 gallons, should boil down to 5.5 gallons.

7 lbs German Pils
6 lbs Munich
8 oz Cara Munich
4 oz Belgian Aromatic
.5 oz Chocolate Malt

I put this together from what I figured might be in the Paulaner Salvator. I liked the sweet, nutty, malty, harvest flavors here and I thought it'd be a good base for a Christmasy tasting beverage.

3.25 AAUs Northern Brewer 90 minutes
1.5 AAUs Hersbrucker 90 minutes
1.5 AAUs Hersbrucker 15 minutes
3.25 AAUs Northern Brewer 3 minutes

Hoping to get some solid clean bittering. A little bit of the outdoors in the aroma. Woody and spice flavors. Malt is going to do most of the work though.

WLP060 Yeast so far, we'll see about this.

Primary Ferment around 60-65F for 2 weeks.
Secondary (to age) for 4 weeks.

1 week before bottling, add 2 sticks of cinnamon to secondary. Not sure if this is too much...going for subtle cinnamon.

During bottling, add 1.5Tbsp of Mexican Vanilla

I was thinking of adding some green apples to the secondary with the cinnamon. Maybe 2 of them. Not sure I really want to do this though. I was thinking apple pie, but not sure I want it in there. I think the cinnamon and the vanilla is Christmas enough.

Did some hand calculations here:

OG: 1.073
FG: 1.015
ABV: 7.6%
IBUs: ~22

Yes, not an honest doppelbock, but I think this could be a good ale, whatever you want to call it.

Only have a couple of all grain batches under my belt. I haven't really used German Pilsner or any advice or comments are greatly appreciated. I've seen some recommendations for 90 minute mashing. I've so far done 60 minute mashes, not sure if I should consider going longer for these malts.

Thanks all!

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Apologies for dragging this up from the dead, but I have been searching for hours on HBT, trying to find some guidance for brewing a Salvator doppelbock like beer at ale fermentation temps. This is such an excellent post, I was really surprised not to see any replies??? Maybe the humor of your title was lost on the masses?

So I'm wondering how your beer turned out? I'd like to give this a shot, using your recipe as a base. However, I'm not interested in adding the spices or fruits. Ultimate goal would be to achieve a final product as close to Salvator as possible, given that the beer will not be a lager.

One thing I did pick up from a couple other Salvator threads is an opinion that only light malts (possibly even 100% Munich) are used by Paulaner when this is brewed and that the caramel and dark color are achieved from a particularly long boil - up to 24 hours! Not sure how practical that is for a home brewer, so I would probably adjust as you have with some dark malts.

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