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Jan 2012
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Originally Posted by shaneogle89
No joke when my brewing kit arrived awhile back I took my hydrometer out of the box and literally dropped it and broke it!
I busted out laughing when I read that! I'm sorry man but I can just picture it in my head...I'm sorry for your loss!

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Dec 2011
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I had a tube with caps on both end for my first hydrometer. I took them both out to clean after my maiden batch, and very carefully slid the hydrometer back in, let it go, and watched seemingly in slow motion as it slid out the other end and smashed on the counter. Pretty bad when the little voice in your head says, "you're an idiot."

Also broke two floating thermometers, and the voice told me to stop buying glass equipment. Tho my new hydrometer has made it thru 9 batches, I only use it for FG. Have a refractor meter for OG now.

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If you're not breaking hydrometers while brewing you are either not brewing much or drinking too little...

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Originally Posted by GioGomez2010

I busted out laughing when I read that! I'm sorry man but I can just picture it in my head...I'm sorry for your loss!
Ya man it was tragic! Hahaha I probably cussed at myself for a good 10 minutes.

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Feb 2015
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Just broke my first hydrometer on my first brew.

Its brew day had just completed making up the wort. Before adding the yeast I measured the OG. Carefully cleaned the hydrometer and dried it. As I placed it into its plastic container, the weighted end caused the thing to fall a bit faster than normal, next moment pop out comes the bottom stopper and foam and before I could catch it. Smash into million pieces onto the painted concrete floor. Duh.....

Have ordered a replacement, told them my story. Maybe they'll throw in another in sympathy.

well glad not only one who has broken one early on in brewing.


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I broke my hydrometer AND tube while cleaning up after my last brew. I carry two and already replaced my backup.
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Wuss. Mine is 13 years old.
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I dropped mine, along with the tube & only the tube broke

And mine is 22 years old

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Jul 2013
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Nearly broke mine the other day. It rolled of the counter and somehow I managed to catch it in midair before it hit the floor.

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Jul 2011
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Yep, I'm in your club. I dropped mine earlier this week when cleaning it. There's not much bounce in glass on porcelain sinks.

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