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Jul 2012
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I recently brewed an all Dry Malt extract German wheat and it came out great. However, I want to make simple batches too and have questions regarding this below. Hopefully you all can help.

- If I use LME kit and 1kg of corn sugar, I should boil the mixture right (to make sure and sanitize)? I don’t need to boil long though because the LME is already condensed Wort correct?

o Can I boil these on my stove top with much smaller amount of water and then use cold tap water for the majority of my mix in the primary so it cools much easier to between 90 an 75 degrees. (instead of full 5.5 gallon boil and then using ice to cool down). I don't have wort chiller yet.

- How again do you aerate the wort? Can you simply shake the primary after cooling? (or is this bad way to aerate)

- Can you work in the yeast in the primary by shaking it after adding the yeast?(or should I just add it on top and give it a nice stir with a sanitized spoon)

- For kits that just use 1kg of sugar and Liquid Malt Extract, can I simply just ferment in the primary, (but maybe give it 2 weeks in the primary) move to a bottling bucket and then immediately prime, bottle, and let condition?

o Or maybe I have even heard that you can ferment the primary in the bottling bucket since it is a primary too and then just straight bottle from there?

Remember I am just talking about making Simple beer from LME. I have made a Germany Wheat with an all Dry Malt Extract kit and it came out great. It just took longer with the full boil and chilling the 5 to 5.5gallons with Ice in the sink. I will still brew both kinds but want to be able to make good tasting simple beers as well.

Looking forward to responses. Cheers for Beers!!!

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