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I recently brewed a hef, which has retained a bit of an.. aroma. Let's start with the recipe/process, though:

50% pils
50% malted white wheat
Mashed 152 for 60 minutes
8 IBU's of hallertau
OG: 1.050

Boiled for 90 minutes, from 7.5 down to 5.25 gallons. Used municipal water (good) treated with campden for chlor(am)ine. pH was fine during mashing, so I didn't add gypsum or anything.

Cooled with a therminator, recently boiled with UBC.

Aerated 30 minutes with an aquarium pump and 2 micron stone.

800mL stir plate starter of 3638 Bavarian Wheat.

I followed Jamil's advice from Brewing Classic Styles and fermented at 62F. I kept it at 62F for 7 days by keeping the carboy in a plastic tub with occasional ice. Took it out of the tub and left it at room temperature 72F for 10 days to condition. I hadn't noticed a change in flavor doing the last 5 days, so I went ahead and kegged it and hoped the cold would mute it enough.

It tastes.. maybe a bit buttery, but not quite like diacetyl references I've tasted before. It has more of a stale urinal flavor. I've gotten this before (strongly) in a Triple with 1214 that quickly rose from a 62F to 85F from its own fermentation power. I also experienced it before in a Gose made with 1007 at 68. Both of these other beers both had both pils and wheat, but had long hard 90 minute boils, and used mrmalty-sized starters. I thought it may have been coriander related until this hef. I used a brand new carboy to ferment this, so I don't think it's a contamination issue. Is anyone familiar with the urinal aroma? Is it a mix of diacetyl and DMS maybe? Is it just supposed to taste like this and I've forgotten? Does 3638 not handle the cold very well? I feel like I was pretty good about technique

I do get a lot of clove from this, but zero banana. The pouch for the 3638 didn't have much banana in it anyway - it had more of a hawaiian punch thing happening. I'd really have preferred to use 3068 Weihenstephan, but the LHBS seems to sell out of it earlier that day every time I decide to brew a weizen.

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How did this turn out?

3638 is one of my "house" strains. The clove is from the lower (62F) fermentation temp. From 66 to roughly 70F has given me the banana, shifting away from clove, but also a bit of lemon/citrus and apple. This strain has a bit of a different and more complex ester profile than the 3068 (which is pretty recognizable).

I'm just curious what happened with your brew. I've gotten some off-flavors the last two times I've used it, however, nothing I would call "buttery".

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