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Originally Posted by Tim_Kreitz View Post
After all, if all you need is 20 different utterly swill beers and a good marketing team to be wildly successful, then anybody can do it, right?
Well, sort of. The key is you have to order literally tons of hops and dump them into the beer multiple times. Then, and only then, are you producing good beer.
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Originally Posted by iambeer View Post
Sorry I meant Samuel Smith
I'd blame Whole Foods for that one--Sam Smith makes fantastic beers! Give 'em another shot.

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Originally Posted by Airborneguy View Post
Well, sort of. The key is you have to order literally tons of hops and dump them into the beer multiple times. Then, and only then, are you producing good beer.
So sayeth Sam Calagione. And make sure your expected ABV is above 10%

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It's just lackluster average stuff. I would take a Sam Adams over a Coors or Bud anytime. I don't think the beer is bad but the styles are uniformly dull and lacking complexity. Beer snobs drink beer for nuance and depth.

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I honestly don't drink that much Sam Adams, although given the choice between Sam and BMC, I'll opt for the Sam's. In Sam's defense, I will say that when I'm dumpster diving for empties at the local recycling center, there are usually plenty of empty Sam Adams bottles, and the labels do soak off easily. ..


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I like some of Sam Adams and others not. Alpine spring is good on a warm spring afternoon, the summer ale is doing it for me right now and I have to admit I enjoy the black lager iin cooler temps. It is important to note that at some point in your emotional development you ought to come to terms with the fact that just because you don't like something doesn't mean it sucks but if you start a campaign proclaiming it sucks it usually means that you do.

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There are Sam's beers I like, and some I wouldn't pour down the drain. I like Boston Lager, Irish Red, Black Lager, Latitude 48. Sam Adams tends to be a good value at its price point. Sure, it's not Rogue, Stone, or Dogfish Head or my homebrew (hardehar!) but it's not $10-12 a six, either. Don't like it, don't drink it. But it hardly serves to question why they're in business when they've been so successful. Somebody drinks it.
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I particularly like their Boston Lager and their Noble Pils, but enjoy most of their beers. Plus the labels come off their bottles very easily!

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I went to the gas station to grab some Swamp Ape but they had run out. So in dedication to this thread I bought the last sixer of Summers Ale. Not much wow factor, but not bad.
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Sam Adams is a good backup beer for restaurants that don't have a good selection. If I don't have a better choice, I'll certainly order a Boston Lager, Noble Pils, Alpine Spring, or Oktoberfest. However, they often fall flat with their limited releases. Granted, all breweries have some beers that are not to my taste.

I tend to purchase seasonally, with a few year-round offerings falling into the rotation every few months, and purchase a lot of beers that are new to me. So, I don't purchase many beers repeatedly over the course of a year. So, my Sam Adams drinking does tend to be limited to those occasions I mentioned earlier in the post. I generally won't take a chance on one of their special offerings if I'm purchasing beer at the store. If I'm going to take a chance, I'm going to go with a smaller brewery that will benefit more from the purchase.
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