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Jul 2012
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I'm making the move to all grain and I have a question. I've been researching what kind of all grain setup I want to build. I like the simplicity and cost of a single step mash, but I like the idea of consistency of a HERMS system. I'm sure that I would have no problem brewing consistently good beer with a single step. I've noticed that some all grain recipes have multi step mashes. By building a single step setup, am I limiting myself on he varieties of beer that I can brew?

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Horse a piece. Folks will argue RIMS vs. HERMS or a combo of the 2 all day. The reality is both are great. I do batch sparging with a make-shift RIMS system and love it. My issue is when you make great beer, why change the process??? Hell I would dance naked around the MLT under the moon if it meant great beer everytime...the rest is just preference...
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A single step doesn't limit your ability to brew specific beers at all. I view the step mashing as an advanced technique that I will try eventually, but it's not something that's absolutely necessary. A single step is simple and works great for me, and like Zamial said, why change something that works great? Check out this link. I think you will have a better understanding of why people step mash. Good luck and let us know what you choose


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I'd start with single-infusion mashes for now. You want to learn the AG process first and foremost.

RIMS & HERMS can always be added later. *Even* if you're dealing with a Igloo cooler mash tun, RIMS or HERMS can be added later.

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