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+1 on the Le Creuset. We use them almost daily. Great for braising & the grill pan is outstanding when you can't/don't want to fire up the charcoal grill.

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sorry, thought someone said cast iron?

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I've got an old cast iron skillet right now going through electrolysis to get rid of years of caked on crud, mostly on the bottom.

I'm using a medium sized Rubbermaid container, a 6 amp manual battery charger and a half cup of A&H washing soda. I use a 5/16" carriage bolt through the handle of the skillet (negative electrode) and the same through a piece of steel plate (positive elctrode). After one day, the bottom was totally clean after a little minor scrubbing. The working side is in work right now.

I'll let it sit overnight, then clean it up tomorrow afternoon and then season it a couple times before my wife gets back home on Friday PM.

Thing is, I can't remember where we got this piece - clueless!

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I've 2 or 3 Lodge pans. Pretty sure the pot is too. No problems.
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I like my Lodge too. Works great. It's my go to pan for eggs, bacon, pancakes ect. Have an enamel Le Creuset pot for stews, chili, ect. Great pot, a little heavy when trying to scrape stuff out of it though.

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I inherited 2 cast iron skillets from my grandma and they are still the best things for cornbread and most of my cooking. I like a straight flat steel spatula when I cook in them. My wife bought me a couple of the newer Lodge's but they aint as smooth or as good as these ancient one from my grandma. They seem lighter and for lack of a better word, less durable.
My Daughter likes the Le Creuset but I aint never used them.

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Old 09-06-2012, 10:57 AM   #27
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lodge is good, I like the older stuff to. I think the key is using the pan a lot and keeping it out of the hands of those who don't know the rules of cast Iron care. It sucks to find your best pan you cook most food on, in the dish washer, all rusted up.

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Old 09-06-2012, 04:12 PM   #28
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The old ones are the best. Just don't ever put them in hot soapy water. Wipe them out with a rag and let em go.
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Know what you buy... some of these "cast iron" pans are actually "black steel or carbon steel". Each has their advantages/disadvantages.

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What's the allure with a cast iron skillet? No offense guys, just wondering what I'm missing. I use a large skillet from AllClad that has to be the greatest piece of cookware.
- Andrew

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