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Feb 2011
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I have lodge logic skillet and dutch oven. Sanding it down would have been a good idea but I really like using them. It's really nice not to have to out pans in the dishwasher.

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May 2006
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I have multiple Lodge pan's and that is all I cook with.

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Feb 2009
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I picked up 3 Griswald pans at a farm auction the other day for 20 dollars.
I'm going to sand them and season them with lard in the oven. They were rusty from being in an old barn.

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Nov 2011
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Stainless steel spatula with a flat blade. Essential, IMO. The plastic ones leave bumps & such.

I have a cheapo Lodge pan that was rough, but now after a few months and scraping every time with stainless, I can fry an egg like it's on an ice rink. I'll never go back to nonstick.

Griswold and Wagner are the best, but I've had excellent results with Lodge. Can't beat the convenience of Amazon.

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Nov 2009
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Goodwill or yardsale special.

It is, after all, cast iron.

Not just the name, but the ingredient list as well.

I have a HUGE goddamned Cracker barrell skillet that I love, but not because it is from cracker barrel. Somebody else bought it, and I don't turn it over to read the brand while I am cooking.

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Old 07-25-2012, 08:40 PM   #16
Dec 2008
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Lodge Cookware stinks...They said they would honor the guarantee on my pan after sending photos of a cracked pan. They never sent anything. Sidney and Griswold are best.
My 1900's sidney pan is awesome...Go on up to 20-50$ a pan. If it looks heavily rusted and bubbly then pass on it.

I agree Sidney is awesome...Vintage cast iron was made much better than the new stuff...Lodge pans don't hold a seasoning worth a continental.

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Dec 2008
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One more thing...if you do buy a new lodge pan don't season it in the oven or you will smoke up the entire house...Do it on the weber...

slather it in fat of bacon or crisco...and build a good fire...let it sit upside down on the grill.

Sidney and Griswold are not expensive when you consider how well it takes a seasoning and how well it works. 40$ for a vintage cast pan that works is better than lodge junk...

Pre seasoned lodge pans are seasoned poorly. Do it five or six times. Good luck.

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Old 07-25-2012, 09:20 PM   #18
I prefer 23383
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Oct 2005
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Lodge is great but ya cant go wrong with a OLD set from a estate sale . . . I have 2 pans from my grandmother that are 100+ years old and they are the greatest things on earth
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gratus fermentatio
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I've got a Wagner skillet. Bought it new about 20-25 years ago, at Sears of all places; nice & smooth inside. Takes a bit to season, but once done, it performs very well. I mostly use it for eggs, pancakes & stir-fry, but it works like a champ & has for many years. Have a look here:
Regards, GF.

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Feb 2012
, ma
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Le Crueset if you can afford them - lifetime guarantee. It's all I use in my kitchen besides a cast iron frypan I got in vt at a used place that is really old
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