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Apr 2012
broussard, louisiana
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Hello, quick question about what sanitizer i should buy.

At a local tractor supply store, they have two different sanitizers one label reads:

Ingredients: 7% active ingredients provided by iodine, potassium iodide and providone iodine. Provides 2.4% titratable iodine.

The second reads:
Ingredients: Activie ingredient 2% titratable iodine.

Would either of these be ok for sanitizing? And if they are ok for sanitizing, what ratio of liquid to water should i use to get a none rinse solution.

Thank you very much in advance. I've been driving all over looking for sanitizers and trying to read through the many posts on here to figure it out.

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Mar 2012
Cedar Bluff, Va
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Just use bleach water and save some loot

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I'd recommend Starsan. Is there a reason you can not shop on-line? There are plenty of options on line for getting the traditional sanitizers that everyone else uses. In your area Rebel Brewer, or Austin Homebrew Supply should be a quick ship for you. They both have good selection, prices, and customer service.
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I'll actually ANSWER the questions, since there's plenty of info on using Tractor supply store sanitizers, which is the same thing as iodophor.
And it's actually cheaper than starsan or iodophor, and only SLIGHTLY more expensive than bleach, and more effective and doesn't run the risk of introducing chloramines in the beer chain.

You want the second one....

You're going to have to read the threads we have to figure out the calculation it will probably be somewhere between 1 and 1.5 tbs to reach the 12ppm you need (iirc) for no-rinse iodophors.
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Apr 2012
broussard, louisiana
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Revvy thank you so much! I appreciate your response.

Everyone else thank you, I appreciate your responses as well
I stayed away from bleach because when I lived with my parents (just moved out recently) my dad would go on weird cleaning sprees and use all the bleach. It would actually wind up costing me alot to keep buying bottles of bleach lol. Also i like the short time soaking period for iodophor and the lack of smell and stuff. (buying iodophor is too expensive though, i can get it online but living on my own im trying to minimize as much spending as possible)

I stayed away from star san because of the price, and my friend was using one star san produce and seemed to leave bubbles and stuff. Also, for some reason stray liquids with acid in it love to get in my eye. Had it happen once in a photo lab and the following hospital visit was not fun. I actually helped him do some bottling a few days ago and had a close liquid in the eye call.

once again, thank you all for your help.

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