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Jul 2011
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So my wife tells me a few minutes ago that the lady who lives three doors down (who I've met once and knows I brew) came by to say that her ex used to brew, and she had some bottles laying around. She left them outside for me in case I wanted them, otherwise they were going in the trash.

Okay, so I figured there was a huge stash of empties. Since I don't usually bottle, I wasn't that excited.

But I got to the boxes, and realized... "Hey, these are pretty heavy. There's beer in here!"

I got them into my garage, and it's 16 bombers of homebrew. Completely unlabeled, I have no idea what's in there. I don't know her ex, and I've been brewing in the garage for a year, so obviously if he'd been around in the past year, he'd probably have stopped by to say hello. So these beers are most likely at least a year old. I have no clue how they were stored. I have no clue whether this guy had a clue what he was doing making beer.

In short, I think I have to try some of these beers... Ya know, for science and all. But I'm a tad bit scared!

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May 2011
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Some..You must try them all...Like you said for science..
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Old 07-17-2012, 04:51 AM   #3
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Jun 2011
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try and let us know

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Originally Posted by Polboy View Post
try and let us know
Or have someone close to you let us know...if you don't make it.

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Mar 2012
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If your fingers go numb, use your nose to tap out an update.
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Dec 2011
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This is epic... Somebody must try these!! I don't care if it is you or your mentally challenged cousin, I have to know how this goes!
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Old 07-17-2012, 05:34 AM   #7
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Jul 2011
Mission Viejo, CA
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Oh, they will be tried... I guess I'll have to document it as I go...

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Old 07-17-2012, 05:52 AM   #8
Jan 2012
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Give some to someone else to drink and see what happens.... If its good, pour the rest for you.
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Jan 2010
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Go ahead and chill them and crack one open.
Your nose should let you know if there is anything dreadfully wrong!

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Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc
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Dec 2007
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What the hell is there to be scared of? Nothing pathogenic can exist in beer. So you can't get sick. Why do people get amped up about this? It's not a big deal....

How many times do we have to say this. Why are people freaking afraid of this????

Beer doesn't go "bad" unless your sanitization is weak. Since nothing PATHOGENIC can exist in beer/wine/cider/mead, there should never be a reason to ever fear tasting something like this, no matter how old it is. Yeah, it may taste like crap, it may be vinegar, but NOTHING that could happen, could ever cause harm to anyone.

It's not worth passing by on something that could be amazing, because of fear.....

Noone thinks twice about drinking old wine do they?????

Beer is really no different than wine, homebrew or otherwise. Properly stored it can last and be drinkable for 100s of years.

To put it in perspective, in the Dec 07 Zymurgy Charlie Papazian reviewed bottles of homebrew going back to the first AHC competition that he had stored, and none of them went bad, some had not held up but most of them he felt were awesome...We're talking over 20 years worth of beers.

This is a great thread about one of our guys tasting 4-5 years of his stored brew.


And I brewed an og 1.150, 150 IBU barleywine that I won't be opening for 5 years.

Not to mention the fact that there are vertical tasting for certain beers like Stone epic, where people collect each years beer and then sample a flight of them going back in time.

I just had this expericence not too long ago... We tried 48 year old beer today. One was interesting and drinkable, and one was gnarly.

Mbowenze has a thread about tasting an over 100 year old beer recently. And In my history thread there's a video of the OZ and James Drink to Britain tv series where they taste a beer older than that.....one that goes back to Napoleanic times iirc.
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