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Originally Posted by Guidry View Post
Would like to eventually motorize my mill also. I noticed you said you "geared" it to run at about 200rpm. Is that considered a good speed for milling? I have no clue. I use my cordless drill on the "driver" speed.

Yeah, in my research I read 150-300 is about right. If you get faster you get a lot of flour and crushing of the hulls which as you know can add astringency to your beer.

The bigger factor though is that the 14" pulley is very common, therefore cheaper. Bigger is far more expensive And the next size smaller in the common sizes would have it running too fast.


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building tomorrow's beer
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For anyone interested in motorizing their mill here is a very good link. The calculator does the tough work for you. http://www.gizmology.net/pulleysbelts.htm
A 1.5" motor pulley combined with a 9" mill pulley will get you just under the recommended 300rpm at 291.66. Even gives you belt length based on your pulley separation/distance apart.

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Originally Posted by Rickochet View Post
I have purchased items from "Adventures in Homebrewing" and have always been very pleased with their service. I sent Jason from Homebrewing.org an email asking him what the delay was for the Cereal Killer Grain Mills. He responded within 10 minutes. Please see his note below.

The email from Jason:


Thank you for your e-mail. The mill parts are made over seas. When an item is imported, it can be inspected by customs. These parts have been stopped for an inspection. Inspections can take 24 hours or inspections can take six months. This is done by the federal government and we, as a company, can do nothing about this. The best part is, they charge us $100 for every day it is held for a "Storage" fee. The longest I have had to wait is thirty days. This shipment is getting very close to that.

I set the dates for imported items two weeks out from the expected date. The reason is to avoid any confusion on when the items may ship. I have a second shipment due in on December 15th- at this rate, I may see the second shipment before I see the first. I have not even listed these for Christmas because I know we will not be able to guarantee them before the holiday.

Why do we not order more? This mill is still going through upgrades. When we have made our final version, ship times will not be an issue. The past issues are noted on sites like Homebrewtalk.com- We want to order in small enough quantities to have each version of the mill tested by the homebrew community.

For anyone with concerns, they are welcome to ask for a full refund. I truly apologize for any delays but cannot do anything about the inspection of items entering the United States.

Finally, when should they be available? The honest answer is, I do not know. They are here. I could show up in Ann Arbor on Monday and have a truck sitting at the door full of grain mill parts. This may also take another 4 months. Obviously, I believe we are closer to any day rather than four months but I can only guess at this point.

Yeah, I do not think anyone ever questions our speed of shipments- it is the rare case when we get the delay on products. We have over 3000 items that ship daily with no hiccups. Then you get one product that gets all of this attention.

Importing this time of year is a nightmare. Everyone wants items to arrive by Christmas. I am sure the Walmarts of the world have people at the loading docks ensuring their products do not get stopped. I am sure the government has a quota of shipments to check. The small businesses are going to be inspected at the ports and this is just another hurdle we have to jump to compete with corporate America.

If it was all easy, I would not enjoy it nearly as much

Thanks for asking, sorry I do not have a better answer.


Rick, thanks for posting this.
I have to say I'm a bit dissapointed they haven't drafted some sort of email to all their paid depositers explaining the same thing. My card was charged over a month ago and all i've received was a one line response around thanksgiving that "they aren't here yet".

Guess I'll just keep my fingers crossed in hopes that it comes soon.
I moved into a new house in May and feel like I haven't brewed in about 15 years.

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Got mine today. Will give it a try this weekend.

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Jason from Adventures in Homebrewing recently sent me an email with an update. They received a large shipment of Cereal Killers and have been up into the wee hours of the morning assembling & prepping to ship. Sounds like they have a few upgrades that make the mills even more awesome! If you have one ordered, it should be on the way!

It is easier to do things right the 1st time rather than to explain why it wasn't when you have to do it the 2nd time.

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I got one dropped on the doorstep yesterday.
Originally Posted by djsethall View Post
It's like a big hot douche for my brewery.

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Oct 2012
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Mine got dropped off earlier this week. Planning on milling tonight for tomorrow's brew day.
I moved into a new house in May and feel like I haven't brewed in about 15 years.

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Originally Posted by pm5k00 View Post
Received my Cereal Killer 10/17 and used it 10/22. I left it on the factory gap setting and got 77% efficiency, was planning on double crushing but my battery died for my drill, and I had to put a pair of vice grips on shaft and rotate by hand. The mill worked well, hopper could be a smaller gauge, and wood was damaged on the bottom, but still a steal at $89 shipped.
Used it again today with the gap set at the thickness of a credit card. I got a 92% efficiency with an 8.5lbs grain bill, and a single batch sparge. Pretty good, I expect around 86-88% efficiency with a larger grain bill, but will post again when I know.

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I just got mine yesterday and I'm pretty stoked to start using it. It's inaugural brew will be my first 10 gallon batch so I'm pretty excited to grind my own grain at home so I can get better efficiency out of my BIAB setup. I think I might stop by the LHBS tonight to buy a pound of 2-row or so to run through it as a test. I'll make a mini BIAB mash with it to check efficiency of my crush. It will also be a good time to test out my new refractometer too.
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Wish they made a bigger hopper.
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