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Mar 2007
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Curious how other come up with names for their beers?

Mine often go by the hops:

SASHA = Summit, Amrillo, Simco Hopped Ale
ChinOak = Chinook aged with oak
Snooky IPA = Simcoe, Northern Brewer, Chinook

Let's hear your beer names and why.

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Jun 2012
Carlsbad, CA
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Originally Posted by AnOldUR View Post
Curious how other come up with names for their beers?

Mine often go by the hops:

SASHA = Summit, Amrillo, Simco Hopped Ale
ChinOak = Chinook aged with oak
Snooky IPA = Simcoe, Northern Brewer, Chinook

Let's hear your beer names and why.
I'm brewing an American Amber today that I'm calling "Yak Attack".


Because my wife got a stomach flu/bug last night and spent most of the evening yaking in the bathroom.

(And we seem to have an animal theme going on with beer naming... so there's a double-meaning.)

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Mar 2012
Chicago, IL
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My beer names tend to be references to the geeky things I like- Science Fiction and the Bible.

My Black IPA was "Emperor Ale" after the emperor from Star Wars (It is your destiny)

I named a hefe "Mighty Warrior" in reference to Gideon from the book of judges. When Gideon was first approached by an angel, he was threshing wheat and called "Mighty warrior"

I named an extra pale ale "Theotokos Extra Pale" because when I drank it, it made me feel warm and happy- Just like the mother of Jesus would've.

"Memorial" was brewed on Memorial day.

St. Arnold Tripel is a reference to St. Arnold of Soissons, the patron saint of brewers and hop pickers.

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Mar 2012
, Maine
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I name all of my brew, usually pretty random but almost always something to do with the process, the origins of the style, who I brewed it with or special ingredients.

I've had 3 drunk monks tripel. La fee verte (the green fairy) absinthe barrel ipa. Double black diamond whiskey fortified stout. Ginger childs irish red. Shipwrecked saison (a brett beer). Etc.
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Jan 2011
collingswood, nj
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I name some and some get generic names.

A lot of them are from events. that happened on brew day.

Fool pale Ale. brewed on April fools day
Super moon Amber. brewed on the day of the super moon
Faultline Stout.. fermenting while we had a rare earthquake on the East coast.
Blonde Rapture,... brewed on the day the world was supposed to end.
Eye Of Irene IPA. brewed the day Irene hit. ( got it in the fermenter before things got heavy)

Other get their names from the brew.

Lights Out IPA... black ipa
Dubbel Date... A belgian dubbel with dates added at the end pf the boil
Tree Hopper IPA.". started out as thre hopped Ipa but morphed into tree hopper.
Celebration Saison.... a brew I did for a family reunion.

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Sep 2011
Fort Myers, Florida
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King of the North - Scotch Ale

Reference to Game of Thrones, since the storyline is a loosely based fantasy representation of Scotland & England. King of the North & the Starks are badass and I couldn't think of a better combination of perfecting a Scotch Ale for the upcoming season.

Herb + Spice - English IPA with Cinnamon

Obviously herb (challenger and cluster hops) & spice (cinnamon)

Utopia - English Barleywine

Based on Englishman Thomas More's historical philosophical text from 1516 of a perfected society. I like history. More specific English/Scottish history.
Blog -

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Jun 2012
, Mississippi
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A California blonde ale with enough hops to take it out of style -
Kangaroo Blonde (Hop to it Blondie!)

A mixed bag of grains (a mutt of grains), warrior hops for bittering and Cry Havoc yeast -
War Dog Ale (Cry Havoc and let Pour!)

A hefeweizen knock off with extra wheat in the grain bill brewed with someone who called it Heifer (as in the cow) Wisen -
Smart Cow Ale (Wise Heifer's beware!)

I enjoy my beer.
AHA Member, Mississippi Brewer's Guild, Hattiesburg Beer Club, Raise Your Pints, and Outlaw Homebrewer

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Reason: was not clear

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Jan 2012
Key West, Florida
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Badfish IIPA - a memorial beer for a great friend of mine who passed a few months ago. Huge sublime fan, wild and passionate personality, amazing fisherman/diver. He was one bad fish. Recklessly hopped with 4 varieties and 10abv

Red White and Blue imperial pale ale - 13# grain bill, warrior and liberty hops. White wheat, blueberries, and red raspberry.

Tropical storm blonde ale - named for the lovely weather that comes with hurricane season. As well as the motueka and citra hops used.

Ben Jammin IPA - tribute beer to my awesome red headed friend Ben. Combination of citrusy hops, fresh ginger, and blood orange fruit and zest. Was originally named the daywalker ipa.
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Dec 2011
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I'm a big time horror fan and I tend to name my beers after references to the horror genre in general.

They're Coming to Get You Barbara Blonde Ale (prominent line from Night of the Living Dead, and the referenced character was blonde)

Amityville Amber (self explanatory)

Camp Blood Imperial Red IPA (Friday the 13th reference)

Re-Animator Stout (coffee stout named after a B-movie series about bringing corpses back to life)

Sunnydale Pale Ale (name based on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, a particular guilty pleasure of mine)

Winchester Tavern House Bitter (from Shaun of the Dead)

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Old 07-16-2012, 12:10 AM   #10

My brewing name is Naughty kitty brewing (swmbo's nickname) so all of my brews generally have a cat theme to them

Abyssinian Wheat
Alley Cat Amber
Bobtail Pale Ale
Calico pale rye ale
Fat Cat double IPA
Black Kat Christmas Ale
Havana Brown Porter
Himalayan Brown
Snowshoe Centennial Pale Ale
Stray Cat Steam Beer
Tomcat IPA
Good people drink good beer - Hunter S. Thompson
Duct tape. The handyman's secret weapon - Red Green

Naughty Kitty Brewing EST 1993
Primary 1 - Saison
Primary 2 - Centennial IPA
Primary 3 -
Secondary 1 -
Secondary 2 -
Bottled - Nogginfogger DIPA, Feral Red Ale

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