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May 2012
Roanoke, va
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In my ongoing effort to try different things, (one of the great things about homebrewing IMO) I am thinking about trying a different water.
Background: Near my home there is an old spring along the side of the highway called Villamont Spring. It is simply a white pipe coming out of a stone wall that flows year round. The stone wall is dated 1938 and it's rumored belonged to some old business no longer around.

People drink this water all the time, it's kinda famous around here, yet there is a sign there posted by the county that states the water isn't suitable for drinking. They admit that they do this simply because they do not test it, mostly because they can't guarantee the results due to runoff or other potential contaminants.

Anyway, I'm curious if this water would be good for brewing. My belief is that boiling would kill the bugs but what about pollutants or other contaminants from a water source of unknown quality.

I'd like to hear anyones thoughts about this and hear if anyone uses water such as this.



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May 2012
, Alabama
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I cant tell you about your specific water source, but in survival school we were given iodine tablets, a tshirt, and a cantine pointed towards a stagnant pond with slow moving stream in and out of it and told that's your water for the next 7 days. It was next to a field so it had run off and everything associated with it. I never had issues from drinking it. What you are talking about is probably significantly better then what we were given. Follow the rules of water purification and understand there is a good chance of mineral leaching since it comes from out of the rocks.

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Sep 2011
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On the most recent (i think) basic beer podcast a guy from Washington tells about brewing from a spring in the middle of town. He takes his carboys and fills them up then goes back and brews.

As long as it is safe to drink (no heavy metals etc.) I would think it would be fine. You are going to boil it for a hour, so that should kill any unwanted bacteria

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Mar 2009
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Do your own testing on the water.

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Originally Posted by TipsyDragon View Post
Do your own testing on the water.
This and I would probably run it through a filter.

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Oct 2010
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Originally Posted by TipsyDragon View Post
Do your own testing on the water.
Hmm.. double meaning maybe?

1. Drink it and find out for yourself if it taste good or makes you sick.
2. Send off a sample to Ward Labs or some place similiar.

I'd probaby go with number 2 to be safe.

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Apr 2012
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Hey sounds like a good idea! Gives me the idea to maybe take a trip to the famous Hot Springs here in Arkansas, maybe brew with some water from there.

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Jan 2008
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Yes. I did. I made Ed Worts pale ale with 50 percent spring water from the spring house at govenor dodge state park in sw wisconsin. Rest was ro water.

Took some samples to work. Guys there loved it. Threw a six pack in the dirty santa game at work for the christmas party and it got exchanged many times.

One of my top 5 brews. Plus i got to push the frogs out of the way to get the water!
They call him easy.....easy brewer.....

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Dec 2011
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yep - just send a sample into ward labs. Cheap, fast and easy - then you will know what you are working with.

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Oct 2010
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thought about going to Bay View and filling some jugs at the iron well to brew with

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