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Oct 2009
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Ok im sick of paying comcast ridiculous prices for tv and internet. I have the internet part covered but now i need to figure out what im going to do with the TV.

who has direc tv. what do you like about it? and what do you dislike about it?

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Jun 2008
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- Channels are the same channel # everywhere
- Great entry packages
- Sports specials such as the Masters are incredible
- Great customer service
- Occassional $100 deals where you get $10/mo. off your bill and your referrers bill
- HD DVR deals quite often

- Entry packages run out over time and what used to be a $40/mo cable bill is now $100+
- Really short power outages cause a complete restart that takes several minutes (even if the outage was less than a second)
- Current pissing match fight with Viacomm has led to several channels not being available (just so happens to be ones I don't watch)
- If you don't have a good clear view of the sky to the South, HD may not be available

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Mar 2012
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Had it.

Wind blows too hard, pixelated screen or no signal at all.
Stormy weather, pixelated screen or no signal at all.
Snow, pixelated screen or no signal at all.
Perfectly fine weather, you see the pattern here...
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Aug 2011
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Dish Network. It is cheaper and IMO better. My sister has DirecTV and when I go there I just don't like it.

I had cable for about 6 months 12 years ago and the price went up by a dollar or more each of those months.

As to cable I had more outages with the cable that with the satellite.

They have changed satellites for my reception and the dish it now points in a different direction and snow collects a little more easily than it used to

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Sep 2011
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I have had both direct and dish. I currently have Dish

If you are a sports nut, direct is the way to go but it costs a little more than direct. Direct has all the sports packages wrapped up. Direct also has a flashier menu and other utility graphics. Otherwise they are basically the same. My best answer is print out the channel list for the packages for both companies and see which gets you the most bang for your buck.

Dish had a go around with AMC a few months back over pricing too. Personally I didnt notice one bit, and wouldnt notice the viacom shut off either, so I wouldnt let that bother me one way or the other.

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Dec 2008
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They broadcast tv signals over the air in HD ya know. Cost per year is zero. I don't know how far out in the sticks you are, but I'm about 20 miles from the nearest big city and I still get like 30 digital channels.

Not getting ESPN sucks, but having an extra $500 a year to spend on something worthwhile makes breaking the addiction worth it.

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Nov 2009
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NO CABLE here.

Between internet, wii, and Netflix, I am commercial free and $37/mo.

Only drawback is sports, but espn3 has a LOT.

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Jun 2011
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Direct TV at home. Dish at work.

I first got DTV to get the NFL Sunday ticket. I have had it for about 10 years and even if they didn't offer the ticket I would keep it.

Hate dish. No Sunday ticket, NFL network and MLB network. No telling what else.

I occasionally lose satellite when storms blow through, but less than I lose my Mediacom internet. It also seems to happen more with Dish at work...

Regardless of which you chose, get a DVR. It will change the way you watch TV.
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I have Dish Network. Stwitched from Cable as the rates had just gotten WAY too high.

Cable was out more then Dish Network. I think like 3 times in the winter i had to go throw hot water on the dish to melt the snow but that was about it. I have never lost signal due to wind, rain, or sleet. Even snow it wasnt bad unless it was snowing hard.

I am glad i ditched cable. Wont ever go back.

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Mar 2012
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Originally Posted by Zuljin View Post
Had it.

Wind blows too hard, pixelated screen or no signal at all.
Stormy weather, pixelated screen or no signal at all.
Snow, pixelated screen or no signal at all.
Perfectly fine weather, you see the pattern here...
Get a tech who really can dial your dish in. Yes it's close enough to get your channels in optimum weather, but will drop out if needed at. I have the first gen HD locals dish, and when dialed in perfect, I never lose, even in the worst of storms.

Most often, the techs don't care tho...helps to have friends with home theatre businesses....

Oh, and besides the Viacom squabble, if you care about sports one iota, directv ftw. If you like great he, directv. If you want the cheapest cable, dish
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