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Feb 2007
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This will be my 3rd AG, first 2 went well, but this is my first attempt at making my own recipe with what I have here.
This is what I have in mind:
5 gal batch

8 lbs maris otter crushed
2 lbs Pilsner crushed
1 lb munich
1 lb 60L crystal

1 oz Simcoe 60 min
1/2 oz williamette 30 min
1/2 oz williamette 15 min

yeast is limited to either Safele-s-04 or US-05, it's all I have on hand.

I plan to mash at 152-154F using round cooler MLT with 15 qts strike water for 60 minutes, then batch sparge at 170F.

I have a new 10 gal BK that I am itching to try out, one of my previous problems was not having enough post boil wort so I am going to try to watch that today.
I also have a new DIY ferment chamber that will help me control the temps easily.
Does anyone have any suggestions on my recipe or procedure without getting too complicated? I'm still new to AG and trying to keep it simple for now.
Any and all advice is greatly appreciated.

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Your recipe sounds good. What style is it supposed to be? You didn't say much about your process, so I can't offer any advice there, but let us know how it turns out. Also, cross posting is kind of frowned upon.
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My opinion: ditch the Pils malt, up the MO to 9 lbs. Everything else looks great

Let us know how it turns out!
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I can't comment on the recipe, not sure what you are shooting for. I guess my only comment there would be, that's a lot of Crystal malt. But with a new kettle, keep in mind a few things:

You can still boil over a 5g batch in a 10g kettle. Easily.

You will want to keep an eye on your boil rate and your volume. With my particular setup, I shoot for 6.75-7.25 gallons pre-boil for a 5g batch, but this is very dependent on your kettle, boil rate, outside temp, etc.

If you don't have a sight tube, spend 30 minutes and make a dip stick for the new kettle with 1/2 gallon increments or better. You will be able to use this tool a lot in subsequent brews to mark your boil progress and adjust as necessary.
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Feb 2007
Little Rock, arkansas
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Thanks guys, first, I cross posted because I am heating strike water as we speak and wanted input. I will forget the pils and use more MO or american 2 row.
I do have a sight glass on my BK and will watch that closly...thanks

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