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Jun 2011
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Unable to find a clone recipe for Sam Adams Chocolate bock, so I came up with this recipe based on info given on Sams website. They mention roasted malts so those are my best guess. All comments welcome. Thanks

Chocolate Bock
Recipe Type: All Grain
Yeast: Wyeast Bohemian 2124
Batch Size (Gallons): 5.5
Original Gravity: 1.070
Final Gravity: 1.018
IBU: 19.2
Boiling Time (Minutes): 90
Color: 21.8
Primary Fermentation (# of Days & Temp): 21 @ 55 degrees
Secondary Fermentation (# of Days & Temp): 60 @ 41 degrees

7.5 Pounds Pilsner 2-row (Germany)
3 Pound Munich Malt
3 Pounds Pale Malt 2-row (US)
12 oz Crystal 60L
8 oz Munich Malt 10L
8 oz Special B Malt
4.8 oz Carafa II

.75 oz Spalt (45 minutes)
.75 oz Tettnang (45 minutes)

3 oz Cocoa Nibs - Secondary
1 Vanilla Bean - Secondary

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Jan 2008
Houston, TX
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I tried to clone this last year and it came out alright, but not very close to Sam Adams. The beer was good, but it just didn't have that chocolate flavor that Sam Adams has. Maybe I didn't use the right cocoa nibs or what, but to me it seems like they had to use something other than just cocoa nibs to get that kind of chocolate flavor.

Here's my recipe:

10lb 2-row
2.5lb Munich Malt
1lb Crystal Malt (60L)

2oz Spalter @ 60 min
.25oz Hallertauer @ 60 min
1oz Hallertauer @ 15 min

WLP833 German Bock Lager Yeast

I fermented at 52F. Racked onto secondary on top of 10oz cocoa nibs and 1 vanilla bean.

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Jan 2013
Running Springs, California
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it says on the bottle that its aged on a bed of cocoa what if you bottle conditioned with cocoa powder and corn sugar

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Mar 2014
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I just cooked this beer. Or something kind of similar.
I did a 20 minutes dough-in at about 105
A 40 min steep at about 160-165
20 minutes to drain & clean the pot and get it back to 170
started 40 min boil at 170 ended up at 200. (not sure how much of an effect that will have or if it will be undesirable)
Threw in a wort chiller and had it down to 70 degrees in fifteen minutes from when I killed the flame.
Real fast 2 hour cook.

6.5 gallons of water

9 lb Pale 2-row
1 lb Caramunich
3 lb dark munich
1/4 lb Amber malt <<<<< coloring
1/4 lb Blackprinz < < < Awesome coloring

.75 oz Tettnang 40 min
.75 oz Spalt 40 min
.25 oz Tettnang 10 min <<<<<<< smelled freaking amazing at this point
.25 oz Spalt 10 min

4.5 Gallons of wort

O.G. = 1.068 at 70 degrees
i'm hoping for F.G. = 1.014 - 1.018

the secondary ferment will contain:
4 oz cocoa nibs
6-8 oz organic cherries

First Ferment: until I get the same gravity reading three days in a row
Second Ferment: 2 Weeks

Used a Wyeast Bohemian Lager smack pack activator yeast once the wort had been room temp for an hour. I took the yeast out of the fridge when i put the flame to a pot of water. I broke the nutrient packet inside when i was done mashing. and two hours later the yeast container hadn't fully swelled but it was getting there, and it got pitched into 71 degrees wort.

Next Day:
getting bubbles almost twice a second.
color is going more back to a brownish tint from how black it was when i pitched the yeast yesterday.

Day three: Bubbling has slowed to less than once per second.

Should turn out pretty good. I hope.

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Mar 2011
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I would do this more like a dopple with munich as 75-80% of the base. maybe cut with pils and a dash of caramunich or carawheat. maybe a touch of roasted barley or chocolate malt. aim for a lot of attenuation and a lower OG as SA never pushes the envelope on ABV.

I would lager it on the cocoa nibs rather than bottling. don't forget the lagering part of the process on this.

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