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I really think the carbonated juice or Koolaid is the way to have a drinkable function. I have a 5 year old who knows beer is stinky and I've thought about this a little bit. I need to get my CO2 tanks refilled so I can do the Carbonator Cap thing.

You have a few options mostly already discussed. I would take a varied approach depending on mood, and your brew day.

Maybe get a T-ball for "Steeping Grains" in a sun tea on sunny days, and IF you do a Steeped grain/extract batch. That way they can pretend to do what Daddy does.

Make a Kool-Aid Mash like discussed above when you mix up ALOT for them to drink during a long AG brew day. Find some kind of bottle that is thier "Beer Bottle", maybe use a Mr Beer Fermenter for distribution after "mashing" in the cooler. *Edit* Add some fresh berries as Grains */Edit*

I like the Carbonator Cap idea for making some drinks. It would be pretty cool for her to open her own fizzy drink.

And then for normal in the house (rainy days) I would have an assortment of "Brewing Equipment". Make a big deal out of building his "brew rig" like Daddy does! Maybe get some Catalogs and ask him to figure out what he has or is around the house that he could use. It will get his little mind owrking. My daughter has her own kitchen in the corner that she get TONS of use of things that she re-purposes into stuff Mommy+Daddy use.

Collect a bunch of re-useable bottles and let it be "Bottling Day" every now and again. There's a ton of different things you could do.

That Colored Aquarium aerator is an awesome idea for "boil"
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Maybe have a shot glass with a little baking soda in it. Pour in a little vinegar and watch it fizz! If the amount was really small you could probably have him pour it into whatever you're making and not taste it. I'd think a little vinegar in apple juice wouldn't hurt too much.

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Why not make him a set up to make Horchata? This is a rice based drink that is popular here in South-central Texas. It does contain sugar, but you could probably find better sweetener alternatives, such as coconut milk, honey, etc..

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If you are staying simple with carbonated juices but want to add a little Pizzaz, why not pop in a block of dry ice? Many larger grocery stores have a cooler of it. Leave it above reaching/tipping level and just let the dry ice smoke over your pot or what not. Didn't catch his age but 20 minutes of playing with his toys in dry ice smoke should add to the excitement.

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