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Hello, so I have a rookie question that I'm sure coil be answered if I were to go through some more threads but not sure where to look for sure. So here goes.

I was brewing my first batch and when opening the white labs yeast I had some shoot out and was waisted. I pitched and within 10 hrs I had bubbles in the airlock and at 18 hrs I had a 5 inch layer of head on top, and I could visible see things going on in the beer. That has all stopped and there is only a thing layer of head on top and my bubbles in the airlock have slowed down significantly to one bubble about every 20sec. Is this a problem and a sign of not enough yeast? Also, I was 1 hundredth over expected og... Not to sure what this means either.

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Nothing to worry about. Active fermentation can only take a few days. However, it isn't necessarily completely done. I always like to give my beer at least 2-3'weeks to completely finish up and for the yeast to metabolize some of their byproducts (eg letting the yeast 'clean up' the beer).

As far as your gravity - do you mean that your expected OG was something like 1.050 and you measured 1.060? If so,'the terminology would be that you were 10' points higher. 10 points is pretty significant. What was your process? Was it an all extract batch? Were your volumes accurate? Generally if you used extract and hit your volumes your OG should be right on where you expect it even though you may get a different measurement (it's tough to get an evenly mixed wort to get an accurate sample). Also, you might check that your hydrometer reads 1.000 in plain water. And, make sure to adjust your readings for temperature.
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